Alyson Hannigan Is Still Pregnant


Last night I started wondering about our dear Alyson Hannigan, and specifically, whether she had given birth yet to her second baby. Aly has been showing off her gorgeous burgeoning bump for months now, and it was about now that she was supposed to be due. We haven’t seen or heard from her in a while so I started thinking, has she had it yet? The beautiful mom-to-be has surfaced though this weekend, bump still perfectly intact, so it seems we are still bump watching… it could be soon though, in fact any day now that we welcome the newest baby Hannigan-Denisof to the world.

Aly was snapped wandering around Brentwood, L.A. yesterday and with her gorgeous big smile she looked too adorable for words. As you can see in the pics her baby belly is still very much there and it’s looking ready to POP.

Aly has been one of the most beautiful bump watches ever because she is just so gorgeous and happy. Pregnancy totally suits her, IMHO! I’m sure she is starting to get uncomfortable and very ready to meet her bub, but I kinda don’t want her to lose the bump because I love her bumping. I think we might be able to meet the new Hannigan-Denisof baby very soon, so watch this space. Lets send all our love to the adorable Alyson as she completes the final hurdle of her second pregnancy. Not long to go now!


  • Casey

    Was she pregnant during filming of the last season of How I Met Your Mother?

  • Courtney

    @Casey during some of it yes she announced in December of 11 and the season just ended like two weeks ago

  • Paperskyyy

    These photos were posted on other blogs a month ago. According to she had her baby at the end of May.

  • Lovely article :-)

    It all seems very erm… confused… as I have a Buffy site (work in progress) I have checking every few days for last 2 weeks or so to see if she had give birth, and even yesterday when I looked I only found articles saying she was still pregnant. Today When I checked, its all over saying she gave birth on the 23rd May (I think). I’m guessing that she hasn’t told the press till now? Or have I just been living under some kind of rock?…

    Anyway, I think its wonderful that this couple have had another baby, they are a lovely family. Alyson Hannigan is so beautiful. Congratulations to them both.

    I also think its wonderful if they have kept it a secret till now, giving them a chance to get settled and sorted before letting the world in.

    • @BTVSAS — Yes, correct, Aly gave birth on May 23 but did not release the news until June 13.