Britney Spears & Jason Trawick Share Silly Videos With One Another/The World


Last month we got to see Viddy videos from Britney Spears (on the set of The X Factor) and her fiancée Jason Trawick (in bed) and today we get to see a new batch of videos shared by our dear Britwick. As you may know, Jason is an investor in the Viddy app so it makes sense that he and Britney have decided to share videos from time to time in order to promote the app. And when they do share videos, well, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. First, Jason posted a couple of videos from Spa Britanya — which is the couple’s kitchen where Britney cuts his hair (!!!). Then, Britney posted a couple of odd videos that feature the couple play-acting. HMMM. Yeah, you gotta check out these vids below.

I have to say, the Jason videos are cute … the Britney videos are … strange. Clearly the couple are into play-acting but, hey, whatever kinds of foreplay they have to engage in is nobody’s business but their own ;) Here are Jason’s videos from Spa Britanya:

Here are Britney’s videos where she pretends to be angry at Jason and, well, you’ll see what happens next:

LOL! I mean … what? Hahahaha. Honestly, I keep having a hard time paying attention to what Britney is saying because I’m so distracted by her hair. These are silly videos … and I’m sure they’re not the last we’ll be seeing from Britwick in the coming months. I wonder what other kinds of play-acting the couple like to get up to … er, not that it’s any of my bee’s wax ;)

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  • Nikki

    Such a random pair. Lmaooo. I guess this what happens when the boys are with their dad .

  • Nikki

    Also I like the fact that she looked the part of an overworked, unappreciated housewife. Home girl’s weave is jacked. Lol.

  • rOXy

    LMAO. I love these two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

  • Myriam

    lmao i think its pretty funny actually ..its nice to see her act ”normal” and having fun !

  • brittany

    I love seeing them being a silly couple. It really shows that they like to have fun together.

  • Jenni

    LMAO i didn’t expect it to be so funny!

  • Dana

    No!!No!! Not The Dog The Bounty Hunter Weave.

    • shaheera