Lindsay Lohan Is Dying For Her Liz Taylor Movie Role


Early last week we learned that Lindsay Lohan’s new made-for-TV biopic film Liz & Dick was having a hard time finding the perfect actor to play Richard Burton to Lindsay’s Elizabeth Taylor … then we learned that the decision was made to cast Grant Bowler in the Dick role. Today we learn that L. Lo has taken a considerable step forward in her Liz Taylor transformation … she went and dyed her hair to look more Liz-like. Pre-production is in serious swing now … looks like there’s no going back now.

Lindsay Lohan has gone to the dark side … as she begins production on her new Liz Taylor film. We got this pic of Lindsay taking a cigarette break during a pre-production photo shoot and lighting test. Lindsay reluctantly had her hair cut and dyed to mimic Taylor. We’re told Lindsay believes the “Liz and Dick” movie will re-start her career by showcasing her talents.

Oh man … production is getting seriously serious. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a few leaked photos from the film set very soon. Honestly, I really would love for this to be a huge success for Lindsay but … yeah, I’m not really holding my breath. I’ll deffo reserve judgement but … Elizabeth Taylor was an amazingly multi-faceted and complicated woman. I think it would be difficult for any actress to portray her properly so … well, we’ll just have to see. I bet Lindsay will get the Liz look down, tho … so … that’s something :)

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • those lips……
    r horrendous.

  • cmc

    Trent, you’re so positive :)

    I think this will be terrible. Everyone will gossip about it, Lindsay will get another publicity-stunt modeling gig, then get in trouble with the law. Rinse and repeat.

  • Kelly

    I’m really rooting for LiLo! I hope she knocks it out of the park! Just watched “Mean Girls” last night on cable and was reminded she can do good movies! Drew grew up, why can’t L??

    • Ben@pr

      There’s no comparison between Drew and Lindsay. Drew is talented and responsible. I don’t get why people keep saying Lindsay is talented. Her masterpiece seems to be Mean Girls which really brought along talented and professional actresses Amanda and Rachel.

  • Nat

    Looks like she is drifting back over to the orange side as well.Dark hair was never a good look on her-made her look even more hard and haggard.

  • Kelly

    Well Ben, there is comparison since Drew was once a screw up and not responsible and NOW is. LiLo also did parent trap and others that show case she DOES have talent. Whether you agree or not on talent I was simply wishing her the best in her come back as who doesn’t love a good come back? Have a heart.

  • lilly

    i have a feeling that this will get to her head quickly.