Jennifer Lopez Practices Her Dance Moves Ahead Of ‘Dance Again’ Tour


Jennifer Lopez is the queen of dance routines so it is no surprise that she practices at every chance she gets. Today pics have surfaced of J.Lo boogying it up and getting some practice in for her Dance Again tour, in what looks like a car park or driveway, and she is working up a sweat in her sequin pants. Good thing her choreographer, Casper Smart, is on hand to… um, lend a hand if needed.

Jen is getting ready for her upcoming tour – “Hey LOVE!RS…countdown to #DANCEAGAINtour Rehearsals everyday!!! Its #GoTime,” she tweeted. Her tour kicks off on June 14 in Panama City.

J.Lo wore the sequin pants in her live performance of the American Idol final, and it seems that she needs the pants to practice the routines because she’s got ‘em on again today. :) Jenny is one of the best pop star dancers, IMHO, and I love seeing her behind-the-scenes doing a little bit of practicing just to keep it up. She looks great in these pics, sans makeup, au natural. I really do like seeing her this way. Doesn’t she just make you want to get up and boogy?


  • rOXy

    Love JLo! She is one of the hottest things out there right now.

  • nicole

    i kind of love those pants. they look comfy

  • Ava

    jlo is perfect when it comes to dance, in other things is may be too….i love her anyway, she is awesome and she really can make you move your feet, arms hands…body and everything you have left…..ROCKTHEWORLD JENNIFER LOPEZ!!!!!!!