‘Magic Mike’ Releases A First Movie Poster & New Promo Video


Back in April we got our first look at the first video trailer for the upcoming male stripper film Magic Mike. Today we not only get to see a new promo trailer but we also get to check out the film’s first movie poster. All of the film’s main stars are featured on the poster and in the video clip. As you can see below, the guys do a striptease dance to the classic song It’s Raining Men. Yeah, you know you want to watch.

The poster is just … OK. It’s nothing all that special. At least we get some shirtlessness. The video clip, on the other hand, is much more exciting … and terribly cheesy:

I have a feeling that Magic Mike is going to be more fun/cheeky than it’s going to be sexy. Also, you can definitely tell that Channing Tatum has not forgotten how to be a good stripper. LOL. This’ll be a fun movie, I think. What do you think?


  • nicole

    i dont care how cheesy (or bad as some would say) this looks. im freakin excited for it haha

    • Alicia B

      Me too! Sad, but soooo excited! Squeeeeeeee! :)

  • ClaireMichelle

    I really want to WANT to see this… And then I’m reminded that Alex Pettyfer is in it. Yuck. I can’t stand that douchelord. But I love so many of the other actors. I’m so torn!

  • Julie

    damn you Pinkisthenewblog with your teasers from mtv usa!!! hahah…I really want to see the clip…Help a Canadian sister out here?!!!?!

  • Megan

    it bothers me that everyone is under their name except matthew mcconaughey and alex pettyfer