List Of Performers For Queen Elizabeth, II’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration Announced


The list of who is going to be performing at the Queen Elizabeth, II’s, Diamond Jubilee celebration has been top secret the past few months and rumors have been circulating for ages. One of the big ones was the ongoing discussions about The Spice Girls and whether they would be reuniting for the Jubilee party. While this is still unclear, we have had an announcement about who is going to be singing for the Queen. Can you guess who has made the cut?

Come Monday, besides a return appearance by Sir Paul McCartney, Her Majesty will find an entire band up on her roof, when the British pop-ska band Madness plays its hit Our House as the centerpiece of that day’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. Other name attractions set to perform, as confirmed by the BBC: Elton John, singing “Your Song, I’m Still Standing” and “Crocodile Rock”; Robbie Williams, “Mack the Knife”; boy band JLS, “Everybody in Love” and “She Makes Me Wanna”; as well as Kylie Minogue, Stevie Wonder and Shirley Bassey, with her classic (and highly appropriate for this occasion) “Diamonds Are Forever.” Williams’s Take That band mate (and organizer of much of the royal entertainment), Gary Barlow, will team with former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole, for “Need You Now.”

So, according to People magazine’s list… there are some expected ones like Elton John (ok, not super exciting but to be expected) and Sir Paul McCartney (wonderful), then some fab additions, which make perfect sense – Kylie Minogue (Woot!), Robbie Williams, Madness, Stevie Wonder, and of course some more strange choices – JLS?

It doesn’t sound like The Spice Girls are indeed reuniting for the Jubilee celebration, or at least not yet. Given how much speculation there has been about this one over the past few months though, I wouldn’t be surprised if this changes yet again. What do you think of the Diamond Jubilee list of performers?

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  • jamie

    Lol ten years ago i say at the queens jubilee. ahahah i cant sing tho luckily it was in a huge group of kids from a theater group i was in, still its amazing to be able to say i did that

  • WickedSandwich

    Hey Melissa dont be knocking JLS…They’re HUGE over there and more catchy then The Wanted…Id watch this just for them.