Gisele Bündchen And Tom Brady Play With Son Benjamin In The Park


Here is some cute for your Friday afternoon – Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady surfaced today with their adorable son, Benjamin, for a morning of fun in the park in Boston. The happy family was photographed playing together, showing lots of love and attention to one another. At one point, Tom even planted a big kiss on his beautiful wife. What a picture perfect family moment. There are rumors circulating that Gisele is pregnant with her second child, but so far there is nothing more than rumors to back it up. Check out the sweet pics, but warning, it may hurt your ovaries!

Little Ben has really grown up and is such a lil’ cutie. Really, it would be hard for him not to be, given who his parents are, but I still had such an “awww” moment when I saw how adorable he is. We don’t often see this family hanging out in parks together and it is so great to see them looking so happy and relaxed. Tom really seems to be having a blast with his son on the slide and on his scooter (OMG cute!), and Gisele is clearly completely in love with her little boy, not to mention her hubby. Check out the pic of Tom planting a big kiss on Gisele. Okay, I know, these pics are kinda syrupy, but everyone just looks so happy. I also loved seeing little Ben all grown up. He is going to be a little heart breaker this one, ain’t he?

Here are some more snaps of the Bündchen-Brady family…