Rihanna Poses Naked For ‘Nude’ Perfume Advert


Last week we heard all about the FiFi Fragrance Awards and today we have an update on a new perfume hitting the market, from Rihanna. Ri-Ri has posed for a photo shoot for her new fragrance called Nude, and yes, given the name of the perfume, she is naked. Nude will be Rihanna’s third fragrance. She released Reb’l Fleur in spring 2011 and Rebelle in December. The singer’s friend Melissa Forde posted the sexy pics on Instagram with the caption, “#Nude Behind the scenes for new fragrance photo shoot.” In the photos, Rihanna poses topless and sports a blond wig for several seductive photos. Check ‘em out.. do they make you want to buy Nude and wear it on your wrists?

What do y’all think? To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how these pics symbolize the sweet smell of nudity. Yes, there is certainly an attempt to sell sex, but I’m not sure they make me think of a beautiful smell. Hmm….. To be perfectly honest, blond Rihanna is not my favorite, and neither are these photos, but I guess if the perfume is called Nude you kinda have to represent that in a nude photoshoot?

As I said last week, the concept of celebs selling fragrances has always been odd to me, but I do know that they are often highly successful, and another way for celebs to brand themselves. I’ve never used one of Rihanna’s perfumes, but I’m guessing that this latest one is all about the smell of freshness, being au natural? What do you think though? Are these ads a good way to sell Nude the perfume?


  • Will

    Before reading this post, I thought that was Lil’ Kim in the front picture! Not a good photoshoot to be honest.

    She looked her best in her “Umbrella” video. Natural and cool.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Blonde Rihanna is the worst. :(

  • ibrap

    Rihanna nude pics is odd.

  • Susanne

    Tired of seeing her getting an orgasm in front of the camera..

    • tatacoco

      I agree, does she know how to do anything else??? I’m tired of all the fake porn bullshit

  • Krissy

    These don’t look hot at all to me. It looks like a girl in Van Nuys trying to break into adult entertainment after years and years of nude dancing. The roots are AWFUL, and her open mouth poses look so cheap. You can really feel how hard she is trying, that makes it all the worse.

    She is so naturally gorgeous, why does she try so hard?

  • nicole

    *ywan* rihanna with her top off again. How surprising

  • Debho

    Awful. She looks like she’s on crack.

  • Colleen

    Yuck…I agree. Not a fan of these pics. They look borderline porno and, IMHO, cheap looking especially with the blonde hair. The quality of the pictures is weird and cheapy looking too!

  • Yxor

    Well, I won’t be buying this “fragrance”. If these pictures are for the ad campaign, then it is the worst ever. That is unless people want to wear top notes of crack house with a cigarette smoke finish.

  • Chelsea

    Rihanna is a beautiful woman — the photos could have been done a lot more tastefully than this, even if they are nude. This looks like it could be the photoshoot for the “baby prostitutes” perfume in Mean Girls.