Garbage + ‘Nylon’ Magazine Rock LA


Last night, Nylon magazine teamed up with Garbage to throw a party in honor of the release of their annual Music Issue, which features Shirley Manson on the cover. Darion and I were invited to attend the shindig and we had the best time EVER! Right from the start, I knew the night would be special when I was allowed to check out the Garbage soundcheck :) We met with a few friends and just rocked out with Garbage. I snapped a few photos and recorded some video, which you can check out below.

It was really neat getting to see Garbage soundcheck before the show because the venue was totally empty. I felt like the band were playing just for me … erm, well, because they were ;) Once the event got started, the place turned into a crazed madhouse of excitement. Shirley came out to pose for photos and everyone clamored to get near her. A band called Wallpaper opened the show then it was time for Garbage to hit the stage:

Darion and I got right up close for the show and, man, were we in heaven! Garbage sounded great, as usual. Here is video of the band performing The Trick is to Keep Breathing:

After the performance, we got to say our quick hellos backstage. Shirley was a doll … very warm and welcoming. I have to give a huge shoutout to my dear friend Sarah (aka ultragrrrl) who works at Nylon and flew in to orchestrate last night’s party:

The night was so fantastic, due in large part to Sarah’s hard work. I’m not big on Hollywood parties but last night’s affair was just too fun.

Tonight, 98.7 FM is hosting Garbage for an intimate little get together and the radio station extended an invite to attend. So, yeah, Darion and I will be there :) Life is really good right now! Happy Thursday all!!!

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