David Beckham Chills With His Mum & Gran In London


Just when you thought David Beckham couldn’t get any cuter, he goes and outdoes himself. For the past week or so, Becks has been in London, England taking care of his 2012 Summer Olympic Games duties … but in between all his work, he’s found the time to meet up and hang with members of his family … particularly his mother Sandra and his grandmother. Becks shared a couple of adorable photos of his mum and gran on his official Facebook profile … photos that you MUST check out below.

As I’m sure you would have expected, I had a pie and mash lunch today with my mum. There is nothing better. / Great to be back in London. Paid a surprise visit to see my gran.

I mean … really? The cute photo of Becks having pie and mash with his mum is just too much. THEN he goes and hangs out with his gran at the nursing home? And poses with all of her lady friends? COME. ON. It’s all just … too too much. Sigh.

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  • Colleen

    Is he really THAT tall or are those people that short???? Dang!

  • Yxor

    That man. Oh that man. He’s perfect. Head to toe. Inside and out. Love that picture with his mum. gahhhh

  • Katie

    So cute!!

  • Kim

    When I read fifty shades of grey…I would always picture him

  • Acde

    Who cares about this. Post all of us with our grans to be fair and equal. Thi is elitist BS.