Watch: The First ‘Les Misérables’ Movie Trailer Hits The Internet


Over the past few weeks we have got to see quite a few photos of the cast from the movie set, but today we get to see the first teaser trailer for the movie adaptation of Les Misérables. The long-running stage show will officially be unveiled in cinemas in December this year, but we already have a trailer to get excited about. Anne Hathaway belts out the famous song I Dreamed a Dream, and we get to see them all in character – Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean, Russell Crowe as Inspector Javert, Amanda Seyfried as Cosette, Eddie Redmayne as Marius and Samantha Barks as Eponine. Watch the trailer below and see what you think.

Anne Hathaway definitely takes center stage in this first trailer. Her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream is the backdrop to the short teaser, and we get to see most of the cast, in character, in full glory. I think Anne’s version is haunting and beautiful. In between her emoting vocals are shots of sweeping action and set pieces. According to the Huffington Post report, Anne’s version of “I Dreamed A Dream” sounds raw because the director, Tom Hooper chose to have the actors sing their performances live on set, a tactic rarely done on big-screen musicals, which allow many singing performances to be fixed and tweaked in post-production. I am so excited for this movie now!

What do you think of this first trailer? Are you more or less excited about the movie?

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  • Andy

    Gave me chills. For real.

    • Claire

      Same! Goosebumps the whole time. I think that’s a good sign.

  • Thomas

    I love it! I think Anne’s version is really pretty and suits the character. I also think it’s smart that she isn’t “belting” it out like others have done in the past; perhaps people would criticize more if she had tried to belt it out?? I have high hopes for this movie, as Les misérables is one of my favourite books/musicals and this trailer just makes me more excited for it!

    • Mitchell

      I agree with your entire comment. The song emanates fragility, not passion and strength. Anne captures the song’s essence well with her subdued, fragile performance. I’m looking forward to this rendition — I just watched the 1996 version with Liam last night to jumpstart the premiere festivities!

  • xokimmy

    wow! i had no idea anne had that voice! so beautiful, i can not wait to see the movie!

  • Dianna

    I’m really excited for this movie! I’ve always wanted to see the play but never had a chance and now I can finally see it, even if it’s on the big screen

  • Katie

    I totally did not have high hopes for this movie. Until I watched the trailer. It gave me goosebumps & made me tear up a little. I’m very excited about it now :)!

  • kevin

    gave me chills too its like the theme song to my life

  • Krissy

    I am not always a big fan of musicals, sometimes they seem a little hollow to me when they go overboard on showmanship. THIS, however, seems very well done and might actually go see it!

  • Danse-pus

    The video is not available anymore :-(

    • @Danse-pus — The video is still working for me.

    • Danse-pus

      Yeah, it is for me now too, strange. Can’t wait to se the movie :-)

  • Brianna

    Wow…..that was heart-wrenching. I usually am not an Anne Hathaway fan, but honestly, that was beautifully done with the perfect amount of emotion behind the vocals.

    Love all these pictures and teasers coming out!!

  • loriannakim

    This gave me chills! It looks amazing!

  • Looks great! I for one didn’t know she could sing.

  • Keely

    Saw that posted on Facebook… immediately thought, “I need to go see what they say on PITNB!”
    It’s gorgeous. I think it’s safe to say that I went beyond misting up and have actually shed a few tears over how much it moved me.
    This, in my opinion, should be how the song is presented. Always. It’s not a power song… it’s melancholy, it’s reflective, it’s moving in a way that I usually don’t hear.
    I can not WAIT for this film.

  • Chris

    Oooh! That was excellent! Now I’m really looking forward to the movie!

  • Sarah

    I’ve never seen Les Mis but that trailer was great. Brought tears to my eyes and makes me want to see!

  • Megsterg

    Have no idea what Les Miserables is, but wow that gave me goosebumps! Way to go Ms. Hathaway