Watch: Garbage Performs ‘I Think I’m Paranoid’ In Tour Rehearsals


Garbage has released a new live performance video that was shot during the band’s tour rehearsals earlier this year. As I mentioned earlier, I am seeing Garbage in concert tonight at a Nylon magazine event they are headlining at The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA. In honor of tonight’s show, and my INTENSE love for the band, I want to share this rehearsal video with all y’all.

My friend Darion and I got to see Garbage 4 times last month and we are planning to see them again this week as well (not counting tonight’s tiny show). This live performance of I Think I’m Paranoid is very indicative of the kind of show the band puts on. They sound absolutely amazing in concert. I really wish all y’all could see the band live if you haven’t already. They are really, REALLY fantastic. Enjoy the vid!!


  • Adam Bomb

    I looooove Shirley and the whole gang. They’ve put out some really great rock music.