Watch: Burger King Releases A Hilarious New David Beckham Commercial

"You probably should take your shirt off"

Back in April we got our first look at David Beckham‘s first TV commercial for Burger King. Today we get to see the second, very funny commercial Becks filmed for BK. This time around, Becks gets a bit of smoothie on his shirt … so he is advised to take off his shirt. Check out the cute clip below.

LOL! I saw this commercial on TV last night and laughed my buns off. I have to say, Burger King made an excellent decision by casting Becks as one of the celebs in their new campaign. Isn’t this commercial the best? I love it.


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  1. brittany

    LOL I found myself saying “SHIRT OFF!”

  2. Lena

    Lol, I love how at the end she wipes some off with her finger and licks it.

  3. Ashley P

    LOL Love this!

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