Watch: Beyoncé Exudes Joy In ‘Crazy In Love’ Live Performance In Atlantic City


A few days ago we got to see some photos from Beyoncé’s first concert since giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy. Today we have a short video from the pop star’s concert at Revel Casino in Atlantic City. Bey looks amazing and shimmies her way through a fun and upbeat performance of her classic track Crazy In Love. Everything from her buoyant hair and vibrant dancing exudes joy and pleasure. Check out this short video to get a glimpse into this consummate performer’s return to the stage.

Crazy in Love is one of Bey’s iconic hits and I’m not surprised that a video of this performance from her Revel concert has hit the internet. She looks amazing in the video, sounds perfect, and best of all hasn’t lost an inch of her boogy and stage presence. The video is so fun and seeing her down on the floor dancing her way over to the audience, having what looks like an absolute blast, and seeing the audience having even more fun, is exactly what I would expect from a Beyoncé Knowles concert. I have to say, this is one of my fave Beyoncé hits, just because it embodies the vibrancy and buoyancy that is her! It is just so impressive that this is her performing for the first time since becoming a mother just 5 months ago.

Her hubby, Jay-Z is super proud of her, as to be expected. He posted onto Twitter the sweetest message: “I’m gonna say this and then I’m gonna end mine.” BEYONCE is the best performer in the world. Period.” LOVE!

Watch Beyoncé boogy on down and shake her thang. Do you think she is the best performer in the world?

  • Ash Ash

    There is never a moment when that woman hits the stage that anything is any less than on point! I would say Birtney Spears back in the day as best ever but if your looking for someone who has a reputation of doing great performances time after time, its Beyonce!

  • Joanna

    Hands down, Beyonce from the beginning, before Destiny’s Child on has put 100%+ in performing and singing. She’s captivating to watch and you can see the hard work and effort she puts in. No one can touch her…not Britney, Madonna, Lady GaGa. I love all of these women, but Beyonce, she is on another planet with her talent.

  • Michelle

    I’m not a fan of B, but I gotta say, motherhood has served her well. It’s obvious she is just LOVING HER LIFE and isn’t afraid to show it.

  • Susanne

    If i were Blue Ivy, and saw that video after 15 years i would have been proud, but still a little bit a shame to see that my mama shaked her booty to some random guys..

  • jj

    because she didnt give birth at all

  • Mihai

    She certainly is buoyant!

  • Tiners

    YES she is the best performer in the world. Always gives me chills!!! Go Bey go!