Mark Wahlberg Gets A Spray Tan In His Undies


The past few weeks we have got to see lots of pics of Marky Mark Wahlberg buffing up in Miami for his role in upcoming movie Pain and Gain. Mark has been working out a lot because he is playing the role of a body builder in this film, so his shirtless bod has been on full display with lots of muscle and burliness. Today, we have more pics of Mark without his clothes on, and this time he is getting a spray tan to make him look even more toned, tight and terrific. Yummo!

Hands up who wants to be the spray tan technician who tans up Marky Mark? I’m sure there are plenty of men, women and other animals who would be happy to be the one to get up close to spray Mark with tan mist all over his bod. I have to say, Mark is looking ah-mazing and the tan accentuates his toned body even more. As someone who is a self-confessed tanaholic, I do think most people look great with a tan, but particularly, when there are muscles to emphasize. In the mean time, I think we’re all pretty happy to have Mark’s bare chest to stare out while he dries his tan on his balcony, right?


  • Adriana

    lawd have mercy. #dreamjob

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    He is one of the most rabid homophobes that exist on Earth today.He is disgusting.Although I have to say that he is a typical example of the USA,from a drug dealer is South Boston to a millionaire.It is great to live in the USA.