British ‘Elle’ Magazine Releases A Third David Beckham Coverphoto


Earlier this week we got to see the FIRST British Elle magazine coverphoto featuring David Beckham and then we got to see the SECOND British Elle magazine coverphoto featuring David Beckham … and today we get to see the THIRD coverphoto! Whew! That’s a lot of Becks all in the same week. As you should be well aware by now, Becks is the first man to cover British Elle solo and the magazine is exploiting that fact as much as possible. Click below to see the third Becks coverphoto, some interview excerpts and a few scans from inside the July issue of British Elle magazine.

The soccer stud appears soaking wet and topless in an 11-page photo spread in the July issue of ELLE UK, including shots of Beckham, 37, emerging from a swimming pool in just skin-tight Dior Homme jeans and his six-pack abs. The photos, shot by photographer Doug Inglish, are part of the fashion magazine’s much-hyped issue marking the first time a male has ever appeared solo on the cover. Inside the magazine’s pages, and despite all evidence to the contrary, the LA Galaxy player reveals that he’s actually a quiet, low-key guy. “How would I sum myself up? I don’t know, I prefer other people to do that. Erm…a little bit shy. I don’t know what to say. I hate describing myself,” he tells the magazine.
The father of four with wife, and former Spice Girl-turned-designer, Victoria Beckham, says it is his family that he loves, not the fortune he’s amassed with his superstar wife, multi-million dollar endorsement deals and sponsorships. “I never thought about the money, the fame. It never interested me, and it doesn’t interest me now,” he says in the interview. “None of that has ever excited me. . . .” What does excite him is the couple’s new baby, Harper, the now 10-month-old daughter that Victoria, 38, delivered after giving birth to three sons, Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 9, and Cruz, 7. “It’s great. I love to bite her legs, or shoulders. It’s how a baby should be. She’s so beautiful,” Beckham says of Harper. “There’s no more love for a daughter than there is a son, but it’s just different … Victoria Beckham showed her support of his near-naked photo shoot in a tweet posted Monday. “Looking good on ELLE UK!” she wrote to her Twitter followers, along with a link to the first look. Victoria has carved out her own career as a fashion designer, something Beckham, who signed with the Galaxy in 2007 and moved his family to California, supports 100 percent too. “I think it was always important for Victoria to do her own thing. She doesn’t run on a field with me and I don’t want to get in the way of her,” he tells ELLE. With a dual-career household and four kids to take care of, what’s typical night like for the couple who call fellow superstar couples like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes among their closest friends? “She [Victoria] comes home and shows me what she’s been doing all day and what exciting dresses and bags she’s got coming through. And then I say something boring like ‘I got kicked today,’” he says. “But we listen to each other. We try to go out at least once a week, just the two of us, a quiet dinner somewhere. It’s not about wearing a nice dress or a nice suit. It’s just going out and chatting and having some time together.”

LOL. I really don’t know what the Hell he’s talking about but no, I wouldn’t really classify Becks as “shy”. He may be shy in person but we’ve seen more mostly nekkid photos of the man than almost any other male celebrity … ever. Shy and nekkid, perhaps? Still, I am not complaining, oh no sir. This is a nice tease for this new issue of Elle. I need to find me a few copies … um, like right now :)