What’s In Style This Week?

Celeb Trend Setting

Gorgeous, Chloe Moretz, donned a pair of black leather pants and ballet flats to make the look more casual as she dined in London recently. She kept it all black with a black blazer and t-shirt to create more of a rock star look.

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  1. Kelly

    I really loved this article! Please continue in the near future… Very fun to see all the different ways celebs wore what’s in style! ;) great job!

  2. ethel


    It’s too hot for leather!!!!!!!!!!

    • Staci

      That was my first thought too! It’s been 96 degrees and up everyday in Texas, and I would DIE in those pants, whew!

  3. rus

    omg love the leather. Please keep posting similar to this. I love seeing the latest trending outfits. <3 <3 :-)

  4. Lauren

    january jones looked great but probably could have found faux fur to wear instead.

  5. meme

    Nicole looks ridiculous. Enough with the hippy look – it wasn’t great then and it still isn’t. Why people make such a fuss over her is beyond me. All she does is wear clothes and pretend to be a designer.

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