Lady Gaga Cancels Show In Indonesia Due To Threats Of Violence


A few weeks ago we heard that Lady Gaga was facing protesters in Seoul at her Born This Way Ball tour. A rally flared up outside the South Korean capitol’s Olympic Stadium ahead of the performance and activists protested that Lady Gaga’s music and performances are “obscene” and “tainting” young people. The Seoul concert went ahead though attracting record numbers despite the religious opposition. Today though we have learned that Lady Gaga has canceled her concert in Jakarta, Indonesia after security threats and more protests.

The concert, scheduled for June 3rd at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, had sold out its 52,000 tickets, though it has been a question for some time whether Lady Gaga would receive the required permits for the event to go on. Now a group called the Islamic Defenders Front, calling the singer “a messenger of the devil,” has claimed that its supporters had bought tickets to the show and planned to stop the performance from within the venue. They also said that thousands of protesters would confront Lady Gaga at the airport if she entered the country. Officials said they would issue permits only if the singer toned down the controversial elements of the Born This Way Ball. Lady Gaga and her promoters declined to change the act.

“With threats if the concert goes ahead, Lady Gaga’s side is calling off the concert,” Minola Sebayang, a lawyer for concert promoter Big Daddy, told the Associated Press. “This is not only about Lady Gaga’s security, but extends to those who will be watching her.”

A lot of Pink readers have had mixed reactions to Lady Gaga’s protesters, as to be expected. While some people seemed to think that censorship is wrong under all circumstances, and this is a form of extremism, some other readers believed that Gaga is somewhat “obscene” and not appropriate for kids. Without getting into this argument, I do believe that it is a shame that the concert had to be canceled and 50,000 fans were disappointed, but I also think that the concert organizers made the right decision to put everyone’s safety first. This wasn’t about censorship or freedom of expression, it was about security and safety. In my opinion, it’s a no brainer, the show could not go on. What do you think about their decision to cancel the show in Indonesia?


  • dave

    As my family says in situations like this:
    Ni Modo, C’est la vie

  • whatevezz

    Wouldn’t they benifit more from gagging her oppose to causing her physical harm?

    • nicole


  • Krissy

    I saw that there were internet photos of men who didn’t show their faces holding tickets to the show, implying that they would commit acts of violence at the show. Very scary! Very sad for Indonesia, not just because they will miss a Gaga concert, but more for the fact that extremists have become so powerful in their country.

    • Firegalz

      I beg to differ, it’s not because extremists had become powerful if my country. When majority like 80% of the people in indonesia are muslim, it’s hard for artists like Lady Gaga or even Katy Perry to perform.

      There was even a time when kissing in public was considered illegal and would be fined about 100USD. It’s even worse for middle east countries where women irregardless of religion are not allowed to wear short skirts or expose a lot of skin,unless you’re foreigners. It’s just religion beliefs and tradition really.

      Not to mention the bomb threats here are very serious. so there ya go.

  • “This wasn’t about censorship or freedom of expression, it was about security and safety”. I think all in one.

    Well, we need to adjust certain things. we can not expect everybody to like what gaga does. Different country has different expectations. so she needs to do it in polite ways “put some clothes on and less sexual exposure”. Respect the community ,if you dont want then u dont need to come. Easy, right? (sorry for my english)

    • rus

      I have to agree with you because I know that Britney Spears wore slightly more covered up outfits (one piece instead of 2 pieces) when she performed in Abu Dhabi. So obviously, she was asked to tone it down a tiny bit. But again she is nowhere near as provocative as gaga. LOVE YOU BRIT.

    • Firegalz

      i totally agree with you. Different countries have different culture, beliefs and tradition. i think it’s important to respect the people and their tradition. Plus, the one who is disappointed most is the fan, because for her artistic vision, lady gaga refuse to tone down her concert, not even for her fans.
      i think it’s very sad. even katy perry changed her costumes in malaysia :(

  • Anthony, she’s extremely respective of individual country’s needs and requirements. It’s a serious Indonesia extremist population that is there and very present. It’s terrible that her life and livelihood are so threatened. Very unfortunate and not at all her issue.

  • rus

    I heard on E news earlier though that she was never allowed to go have a concert there in the first place. How did it even get further than that? Weird. Oh well, no point performing where you ain’t welcomed/loved.

  • Gaga actually tried to compromise from what I understand. She cancelled because she was still getting threatened. Huge difference.