Jessica Biel Talks Future Married Life With Justin Timberlake


At last, Jessica Biel is finally talking publicly about her upcoming marriage with Justin Timberlake. For months, Justica have teased us with signs that the couple are ready to get married but neither one of them has gone of the record officially to talk about the forthcoming nuptials. In a new interview with French magazine GALA, Jessica opens up about what life will be like after she and Justin get hitched. According to Jess, things won’t really change much once they become Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake. Click below to read what Jessica has to say about her future married life with Justin.

“To me, nothing will really change, because I’m almost never home,” the Total Recall actress, 30, tells the French magazine Gala in a translated interview. “But when I am home, I enjoy cooking.” Some specialties she might serve up to soon-to-be husband Justin Timberlake? “I especially love making cupcakes,” she says, while admitting that when she attempts to customize recipes, “it’s a total disaster, but I’ve also had some pleasant surprises, like recently when I managed to make zucchini fritters.” Overall, once they tie the knot (possibly over the summer), “I don’t think our marriage will change anything,” she says. And while that may turn out not to be true, she does think “it will be a challenge finding a balance between my private life, family and work, and I’m ready.” She also describes herself as “someone who lets things happen naturally,” saying she is not sure if she wants to have a child right away. “For me, getting married doesn’t mean we should limit ourselves to some pre-defined idea. Rather, it’s an opportunity to explore new things in life, ” says Biel. And while fans may ogle Timberlake’s good looks and hot moves, for Biel, there are three distinct qualities she finds admirable in her future husband, 31: “The ability to communicate well … to be able to express his feelings. Then, loyalty. And, finally, honesty.”

Awww … this is a really cute interview. Jessica and Justin are really private about their personal life so I’m a bit surprised that she’s so open about her predictions for the couple’s future married life. Still, it’s nice to know that Justica plan to keep things as normal as possible after they get hitched. It’s exactly this kind of quiet wedded bliss that people really look for when settling down. I wish them nothing but all the happiness in the world … and cooking lessons.

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  • BriK

    Um, that doesn’t sound good… “nothing will change because I’m almost never home” ??? Good to know that when they see each other once a month they get along! Yikes.

    • jenn

      maybe she meant she already lives with him most of the time?

  • lori

    i dont know. really hate the bangs. really.

    • Ava

      Really hate those bangs, too.

  • Jstar

    Marriage changes relationships and I think she is being naive if she doesn’t acknowledge that….I’m not saying things go bad, she just needs to realize that marriage does change things….

  • mimi

    they are such an attractive couple :)