Depeche Mode Ready The Release Of A ‘Punchier’ New Album


Yes!!! I have some great news for you Depeche Mode fans (yes, I know you’re out there) … a new interview with frontman Dave Gahan is featured in the new issue of Billboard magazine and according to him, the band’s next album is on the way! Dave shares that he and his fellow DM compatriots have a slew of songs for possible inclusion on the album. He also shares information about a planned tour for 2013. If you love the band as much as I do, all of this prolly sounds very exciting :) Click below to learn more.

Gahan is currently ensconced in New York with bandmates Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher, working on Depeche Mode’s next album there after doing “a chunk of work as well out in California.” Gahan tells that the group is “maybe a quarter of a way into working up a record” to follow 2009’s “Sounds of the Universe,” with Ben Hillier producing and Christoffer Berg (The Knife, Fever Ray) assisting. “We’ve got more songs than we’ve ever had to work on at this stage,” Gahan says. “Martin’s been very prolific, written some great songs. I’ve got a bunch of tunes as well that we’re working on that are really starting to develop into something cool. I’m excited about where this one’s going; I think it’s going to be a more direct record, a punchier record. That’s all I can say at this point; with Depeche Mode, anything can change through the course of making a record.” That, of course, means a timetable is irrelevant. “It’s a long process,” Gahan acknowledges. “We’re probably not finished til the end of the year, and we’re talking about touring next year. But right now it’s like a science lab here. We’re working in two rooms at the moment, just full of electronics and guitars and everybody’s getting very creative. It’s like a laboratory.”

This is amazing! It prolly comes as no surprise that I have been a big Depeche Mode fan for years, decades really. I got to see the band on their Sounds of the Universe Tour back in 2009 and they were truly fantastic. I love that album and I am really excited by the prospect of new stuff to come. I just can’t get enough! I am really, really looking forward to this new album … whenever it comes out.


  • shannymonster

    Love this news!!

  • adfusaro

    fabulous news, indeed! trent: have you seen the video of the reunion for “somebody” onstage with martin and alan at the royal albert hall in london? it’s amazing…as is “home,” live from that same show, where the band starts mixing a song around the audience, who is still singing long after the song ends…dave dances it up! highly recommend finding it…if you can’t, i’ll send you my video…thanks for posting on one of my top 3 bands… =)

  • Grace

    Very exciting news indeed. I’m all for a punchier album, though I quite enjoyed “Sounds of the Universe”.
    Can’t wait to hear some of their new songs!

  • Brianna

    Dave Gahan is such a sexy beast. I love Depeche Mode.