Charlize Theron And Kristen Stewart Take Part In Dramatic Photoshoot For ‘Interview’ Magazine


The gorgeous women from Snow White And The Hunstman, Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart, posed for Interview magazine in one of their sexiest and most dramatic shoots yet. Channeling the dark fairytale characters within them they brought to life gothic glam and the roaring 20’s and just look so good together as a powerful duo. Check out Charlize and Kristen in their most recent photo shoot.

Kristen is heavenly in Givenchy and Maison Martin Margiela, while Charlize looks gorgeous in Lanvin and Tom Ford. They really are rocking the floor length black gothic look, complete with dark lips. Love the look!

Isn’t this photo shoot great? Kristen and Charlize are just so stunning! My fave pic is the one of Kristen staring at the camera and Charlize peering at Kristen. It is so dark and brooding yet undeniably sexy. I just love the theme the photographers have gone for in this photo shoot as it totally suits these beautiful women, and I love seeing them together because they just make such a great team. We know how much Kristen looks up to Charlize as an actress, and their relationship as two women who clearly admire each other, is quite apparent in these photos. Snow White And The Huntsman really has brought out a wonderful female duo in these two, hasn’t it?


  • Krissy

    These are great pictures, I love the drama.

    Charlize is SUCH a gorgeous woman.

  • megan

    Love this shoot. I was thinking that before I read you asking the question. <3<3<3

  • Tracy

    I think they look like vampires.

  • cmc

    Absolutely love this. They are both stunning! And their cheekbones could cut a man’s heart out.

  • Ben@pr

    Charlize as always owned this shoot but I gotta say I’m a little impressed with Kristen. She’s not very good at showing emotions much less in photographs but I think in this one she did a descent job. I think being paired with Charlize help her to perform better.

  • jade

    Charlize looks like she belongs in the pics while Kristen looks like her head was Photoshopped in like one of those “photoshop me on/with” memes. Kristen just looks like she doesn’t belong in the pics.

  • Sarah

    Normally I think Kristen is stunning, but next to Charlize she just looks like a kid who got into her mum’s lipstick. Maybe dark lips just don’t suit her?

  • meme

    Charlize keeps schooling Kirsten. Kirsten is way out of her league here.

  • AmandaPalmina

    Snow White looks like such a good movie if it weren’t for Kristen. She’s not prettier than Charlize, and the whole premise of the movie is that Kristen’s the fairest of them all. If she’s the fairest it must be a pretty ugly country.

    • Blyfall

      Right? Harsh, but sometimes the truth hurts! From the very beginning I thought the idea of Stewart being fairer than Theron was just laughable. Not that Kristen is ugly, but come on. I just find her very plain compared to Theron.

      I STILL wish Emily Browning had been cast instead of Stewart. I think she would’ve been at least more believable as being fairer than Theron and I think there is a bit more liveliness to her face.

  • Lauren

    Kristen and Charlize look amazing here! Very artistic and well done, I will definitely buy this magazine if I get the chance. Kristen is one of those up-and-coming stars that doesn’t get into the lame bad-girl night club scene, it’s really refreshing to see someone her age make it and not become a publicity joke like all the others. I think the most rowdy thing she’s done is flip off the cameras around the world. Cracks me up every time… so her!

    • Sharon

      I think smoking pot in public is a little more rowdy