A Totally Outrageous 80’s Weekend


Whew! It’s been a bizzy weekend around here … and I still have another day left. On Saturday night, I made my way to the House of Blues in West Hollywood, CA to see a concert performance by Bow Wow Wow and Berlin. Yesterday day, David and I made our way to a pool party to celebrate the joint birthdays of our friends Tom and George. Yesterday evening, we met up with our NYC friends Bradley and Jon for dinner and then last night, I made my way out to the Echoplex in Silverlake to partake of a Smiths Night dance party. It’s been go go go but it’s also been fun fun fun.

Both Bow Wow Wow and Berlin put on amazing performances. As a HUGE fan of 80’s music, it is always a thrill for me to get to see some of my fave artists live on stage in concert. I wasn’t old enough to see these acts in concert the first time around so I do try to make every effort and see them now if they go on tour. Here are videos I shot from the show … only the biggest 80’s hits need apply.

I Want Candy:

No More Words:

The Metro:

Take My Breath Away:

Sex (I’m A …) + I Feel Love:

The finale song mash-up of Sex and I Feel Love was done in tribute to the late Donna Summer … and it really brought the house down. The show was really fun.

David’s business parter Tom is celebrating his birthday today but we got the party started early yesterday with a joint pool party for him and our friend George. Great friends, delish food, glorious sunny weather … it doesn’t get much better. For dinner last night, David and I met up with our friends Bradley and Jon who were visiting LA for the long 3-day weekend:

After seeing Morrissey in concert on Friday night, I’ve really been in a Smiths/Morrissey mood. DJ Jose Maldonado hosted a dance party at the Echoplex last night that featured music by The Smiths and Morrissey. I don’t usually go out dancing much anymore but this was a shindig I couldn’t pass up:

I danced my buns off for a few hours and was in total bliss. The club was pretty packed, which surprised me. I’m always surprised by all the Smiths/Moz love that exists here in LA. Dance parties like last night were the kinds of thing I was dying for when I was a teenager. It’s really so much fun getting to dance and party with folks who enjoy the same kinds of music you do. I had a wonderful time. I plan to attend future dance parties like this :)

Today, I have to run. I’m not sure how far I’ll get but I need to run some miles. Tonight, David and I are meeting up with Darion for a birthday dinner since today is his actual birthday. I hope all y’all are having a fantastic Monday. Happy Memorial Day!!