‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Releases A Secret Catwoman Poster


Earlier this week we got to see a whole slew of new promo posters for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and today we get to see one more, previously unseen poster. An industrious fan noticed that one of the new TDKR posters had a QR Code on it and when activated, it lead to a secret Catwoman poster. It’s a simple poster but a striking one. Check it out in full below.

I kinda love this poster. The stiletto heel crushing Batman’s batarang is a nice Catwoman image. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I am a HUGE Catwoman fan so I really, REALLY want to love the character in this new Batman film. I have my doubts and my worries but … I’m gonna have faith. This poster is a great way to promote the Catwoman character in the film. I just hope that actress Anne Hathaway can deliver.


  • Jake

    The Batman symbol in the kiss is a nice touch too…

  • loriannakim

    This poster is too awesome!

  • Adam

    Which poster had the QR Code and where? Just wondering where they hid it?

  • Adrian

    I have faith with Anne Hathaway portraying Catwoman too. You hear many people try to compare her to Michelle Pfeiffer but I think Michelle is in her own genre of Batman.She was more of a sultry character but this Catwoman looks more “battle” ready.

  • nicole

    this is easily my favorite poster they’ve released. just love it.

  • Bounds

    I feel bad the all these Catwomen have heels so high they’ll break an ankle before breaking in a jewel shop…heh. I know Anne will be great, but for me…it’s not only about Michelle’s performance that will be compared, but that dn costume. To this day, it’s my favorite of all the comic book to film translations. The home made quality and those sexy white stitches. It made for a great look on film. No billionaires borrowing soldier’s test armor. No billionaires making armor(or having their computer butler make it for him). No spider bitten teenage 30-something manifesting a hundred thousand dollar laser cut, rubber web welded micro flex suit during a first act montage…lolz. Love me some cat…let’s hope too many cooks don’t spoil the souffle.

  • Bounds

    BTW…as a graphic designer, I would have left the Dark Knight Rises” copy alone. The kiss mark and XX seems like an afterthought, or a retail poster at Hot Topic. Nolan’s Batman has always been a little more sophisticated than that trifle. I know they had a few Joker posters with some crazy stuff, but even then it seemed a little half-assed. Like they weren’t allowed to go all out with the Joker insanity. Rules of the design game…always a suit waiting to say no. Still, this movie will be the pinnacle to the series. The Bane army vs. Bat army banners are insanely salivating. Me want to go to there now!

    • gigi

      the kiss has a bat-logo, so at least there’s that.

  • Katherine

    I’m a huge Catwoman fan, too, and I’m terrified that AH won’t live up to my standards. In the trailers, it just doesn’t seem as if the character is one that I’ll be able to take completely seriously, or get into very much at all. She keeps trying for this low “I’m hurting and angry and utterly serious” voice, but I feel as if it would need to be still lower or steelier for her to pull it off! It’s not sultry enough to be seductive and it’s not hard enough to be meaningful.

  • Jerd

    Although I really do like this whole film series, I honestly think there’s a lack of focus on the Bat himself. These baddies (Bane, Catwoman etc) have had a LOT of focus, which is fair. But i think more emphasis on Batman would be awesome. After all it is named after him.

    • you talk like you’ve seen the movie already?

  • let’s all see the movie first before we start crying – and too everyone who keeps talking about previous catwomen – if that’s what you like fine ( I myself like lee meriwether ) get over it or don’t checkout the new version cause you might not like it – But like yer mommys always said ” try it you might like it ” – Meow