Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me


Last night I drove 100+ miles north to Bakersfield, CA to see the amazing Morrissey in concert and let me tell you … it was a trip WELL worth taking. I got to see Moz last November in Escondido, CA (about 100 miles south of LA) so it was only apropos that I trek 100 miles north to see him this time around. I’ve seen the man in concert many, many times and he never disappoints. The setlist was full of gems, we got to hear some new songs and the man seemed (generally) in fine spirits. Click below to see some of the photos I snapped and check out video of his performances of Alma Matters, How Soon Is Now? and Everyday Is Like Sunday.

I managed to get to the venue just in time to see him take the stage … perfectly timed, actually. I had an awesome 7th row aisle seat and I couldn’t have been happier (er, unless I was front row center right underneath him). The setlist included a few Smiths songs, classic Morrissey songs and a few new songs. Here is video that I shot at the show last night:

Alma Matters:

How Soon Is Now?:

Everyday Is Like Sunday:

I’m telling you, I’d go almost anywhere to see Morrissey in concert. He puts on one Hell of a show. I cannot wait to see him again :) I have to give Pink reader Brynja a shout out … I got to meet her (briefly) at the show last night. We got to chat and hug real quick in the aftershow melee. As for Bakersfield, I really enjoyed what I experienced of the city. Everyone was so nice … and the drive was really spectacular. You have to drive thru mountains to get from LA to Bakersfield, which means you get to see some pretty amazing sights:

Back in the day, I used to drive 1, 2, 4 hours each way to see concerts regularly … and even tho I don’t get to do that very often, I do miss it. I loaded up my iPod with new music and just jammed out the whole way. California is really beautiful … and I’ve only seen a small fraction of it. But … I’m digressing. Last night’s concert was so fun, I’m really glad I went.

Today, I need to run … then I need to rest up for another concert tonight. I’m seeing Berlin and Bow Wow Wow at the House of Blues. Yes, I’m way in an 80’s way today :) Happy Saturday!!

  • Sounds like a great time… I’ve never seen Morrissey but would love to. And you should have another awesome time tonight. I saw Berlin and Bow Wow Wow (and English Beat) in San Luis Obispo last October. FUN!

  • Brynja Castellon

    Awww thanks Trent, it was awesome to meet you and especially at a Morrissey concert. I used to go to lots of concerts down in LA but I have never been to one of his shows before, so I was so excited that he was coming up to Bakersfield! He gave an excellent performance! Your concert for today sounds like it will be a good one too, enjoy!

  • tvpam

    Berlin is fantastic live – have a great time!

  • Leo

    Great videos! Looks like it was a great show

  • MM

    Just got back from the Stockton show and it was absolutely amazing! He sang so many Smiths classics I could cry! His voice is absolutely untouchable in my humble opinion. So unique. He’s so hilarious too. And his band was FLAWLESS.

    The crowd was awesome and full of love so that made it all the more fun. He closed with Panic and I swear it almost started a riot!

    All I can say is that it was SO worth the hour and a half drive both there and back!!

  • Jess

    That sounds amazing. I would love to see Morrissey live but it’s highly unlikely I will have a chance living in NZ!