Britney Spears Enjoys An ‘Incredible Day’ Judging Day 2 Of ‘The X Factor’ Auditions


Britney Spears completed judging the second day of The X Factor auditions in Austin, TX yesterday and according to the popstar herself, she had an “incredible time”. Britney and her fellow X Factor judges — Simon Cowell, Antonio LA Reid and Demi Lovato — settled in for a second full day of auditions and started settling into a new camaraderie. As you can see below, Britney looked ravishing again (she wore the same outfit from Day 1 so that the two days can be pieced together for one episode when The X Factor premieres in the Fall) and she happily made clear that she is having a blast. Woot!!

“I am having the most incredible time and love being able to sit next to Simon at the judging table,” Spears exclusively tells E!. “The talent has been tremendous” … After yesterday’s long day, the 30-year-old pop star went back to her hotel to relax for day two of auditions. Spears and Trawick enjoyed dinner before they ended the night with Trawick giving his gal—get ready for it!—a foot massage, according to a source. What a guy!

At the start of the day, Britney released a short video message to fans:

At the end of the day, she tweeted the following message to fans:

Austin – I love you! You made me feel right at home in that judge’s chair. Kansas City here we come!

In an attempt to downplay all of the ridiculous rumors of folks “walking off the set”, Simon Cowell and Britney released a video message to TMZ:

Honestly, the TMZ stuff is just silly. They clearly are jumping on any and everything in order to blow things out of proportion. And it works, not only are we talking about it but Simon and Britney felt compelled to respond. Dumb. But, in any event, things are moving forward wonderfully. The X Factor will be making its way to Kansas City next … will you be there to audition for Britney and co.?

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  • Ummm

    She looks so happy and healthy… I am so glad!

  • cmc

    Britney was reading from cue cards in the short video message and didn’t look at the camera once. She looks really uncomfortable and wooden. I’m sorry, but I LOVE Brit Brit and hate seeing her be exploited this way.

  • Monica

    I have never shown any interest in this show at all and then suddenly Britney is announced as a judge and I am so looking forward to seeing it. Smart move Simon! CMC I don’t feel like she is being exploited. If Britney had said no I doubt her conservatorship could force her into a role she was refusing to fill. My one complaint, which is off topic, is Demi. I don’t think this girl holds the star power to even sit in a chair next to Britney. On top of that Britney in her prime just had this thing that made her a star and it is something I feel Demi is lacking. I don’t think Demi could make it through the audition rounds on American Idol so why is she judging a show that is supposed to be looking for even better talent?

  • Spice

    I went to the show on Friday and was so excited to see all the judges in person. Demi is funny and her and Simon have that playful relationship where they pick on each other. Demi is also more direct in her judgements and says exactly what’s on her mind. Britney I feel is being used for her name.

    (I love her and I feel bad for saying this but this is the opinion I walked away with…) she didn’t really add anything to the show personality wise. She was being cute and would show a little humor but she really didn’t expand on her thoughts or add much to the conversation. The was the occasional time she’d stick up for the person trying out but she did it only when everyone one else was saying “no” to that person and it was painfully obvious that they had no chance of getting through based on their talent.

    I don’t know – I have a hard time seeing her stay on that show based solely what I saw during that taping. It was void of much personality. But I do realize they can edit things to look better than they are…we’ll see.