Watch: Kelly Clarkson Debuts Heartfelt Music Video For New Single ‘Dark Side’


Kelly Clarkson has today unveiled her latest music video for her new single, Dark Side, and it is an intimate and emotionally driven portrayal into what appears to be a nod to Kelly’s past, and also just honest universal issues. The song opens with the lyrics, “there’s a place that I know, it’s not pretty, very few have ever gone..” and proceeds to show a young woman facing issues including an eating disorder, pill and alcohol addiction and a relationship breakdown, but it ends on a hopeful and inspiring note. Check out Kelly’s inspiring and very real new video…

“Everyone’s got a dark side, no one is picture perfect…will you love me, even with my dark side?” Kelly sings in her new single, Dark Side. With very little makeup on, the video shows a pared down version of the two-time Grammy winner.

Kelly is a beautiful woman and has openly discussed issues such as bullying and weight issues and debuted a gorgeous new look at the Billboard Music Awards where she performed. I think this video finds a good balance between being a catchy song with relevant issues, but it isn’t too didactic or obvious. Watch Kelly’s latest music video here, what do you think of it??

  • Nathan

    Love the song. The video isn’t bad, but I don’t love it either. I do love her makeup in this video though.

  • BRILLIANT!! I liked this song before, and almost questioned it as her next single… this video makes me think that it’s a perfect choice. LOVE LOVE LOVE. My Dark Side relates all too well… viva la Clarkson. (forever!!)

  • AJ

    Song is really great, and i love the message, but the video kind of reminds me of the video for “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera. Showing the anorexic girl, and some other people. Both videos give light to issues in peoples lives but the catchiness of the song threw me off while “Beautiful” was such a slow meaningful song. Love Kelly and all she does tho :)

  • Love it! Kelly is amazing.

  • Andrea

    she is gorgeous and hugely talented. young girls should find inspiration in her strength and power. she is the kind of role model they need.

  • KristĂ­n

    love her and everything she does!