Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Come Out Covertly As A Couple In Cannes


Yesterday we had our first cute couple alert with Alison Brie and Dave Franco reported to be dating, and today we have our second! WOOT!! Finally, the gorgeous, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been revealed as a real couple, after they were caught smooching at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday night. Kristen and Robert have become one of the most talked about are-they-or-aren’t-they couples in Hollywood but now it seems the cat is out of the bag, and now they can come out and play…hopefully.

E! Online reported the story, claiming that K.Stew and R.Pattz are now official…

Pattinson stepped out earlier that day to support Stewart at the film’s glitzy premiere, although they walked the red carpet separately. He arrived on his own, while she hit the carpet with her equally hunky On the Road costars: Tom Sturridge, Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley. During the screening itself, K.Stew reportedly sat with her costars, while R.Pattz was one row in front of them. Just last week, Stewart dropped the biggest hint yet that the two were an item when she told Elle magazine that “my f–king boyfriend just did” Bel Ami, the upcoming period drama headlined by Pattinson.

Ah, they’re totally together! Quite a few reports have circulated since they were caught canoodling at the after-party for K.Stew’s new flick, On the Road. Everyone seems to be saying that finally, it’s official. While we don’t know for sure because no one from either camp has confirmed the story, it does seem that in the very least they are hooking up.
Alongside the fabulous Ms Stewart is a stellar cast including Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams, Garrett Hedlund, Steve Buscemi . All the pics from the photo call show Kirsten and Kristen (yes, it is so confusing these two names) playing around and having a ball with each other…. and then, it seems Kristen (with the “r” first) kept having fun with a certain other person. Love it!

Ah, finally! I hope that Kristen and R. Pattz come out now and actually be a couple in full public display. They make one seriously HOT couple, don’t they? She has said in interviews that she is “dying to make another movie with Rob”, and that they make a good team… yes, yes, we know what she means.

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  • Ashley

    I love her K-Stew’s outfit!!!!!! I like the printed pants and the black and white comb!

    • Heather

      I agree, she looks great! The look really suits her.

  • apriljan

    I’m sorry, I beg to differ.. those pants are hideous.

  • Janaegal

    I love KIRsten’s dress, it’s gorg!

    And this story feels a couple years old. They’ve been caught kissing before and they reference each other in interviews? I thought this was kind of old(established) news?

    • Alex

      I don’t think they have been caught kissing before, maybe just holding hands, and talking very vaguely.
      This was definitely the money shot!

  • DJ

    This is about as surprising as Jim Parsons “coming out” the other day.

    PS – He can do WAY better!

  • Lexifer

    I knew without reading that Melissa was the one to post this.

  • Tracy

    It is about time Rob and Kristen came out as a couple. It was so silly to try not to be seen together. I thought it was the craziest thing. I’m glad someone decided to grow up.

  • Jackie

    Kirsten looks gorgeous!
    Kristen’s pants are atrocious, in my opinion, but if she thinks she looks great, that’s all that matters.

    Kristen & Rob have been photographed kissing before. Its never been a secret that they’re dating, but its nice they’re being more public with it. Must suck to feel the need to hide your relationship. :/

  • S

    “Kristen and Stewart have become one of the most talked about”
    Kristen and Stewart are a couple? Uhhh..

    • Lauren

      Darlings! Will you please change “Kristen and Stewart have become one of the most talked about…” to Kristen and Pattinson? :) Loyal fans want to avoid any confusion!

      And I think Mel did a fine job on the post otherwise. Kirsten/Kristen, it IS confusing. xoxo

    • @lauren – oops!! they are v confusing names. thanks for the heads up :)

  • Pooja Bhattacharyya

    I’m Happy for both of you

  • Team Kstew

    Kristen Stewart lOoks way more comfortable with Dunst in that bottom photo than she ever has with Pattinson. There’s a reason for it…just saying. I highly doubt she and partisan are really hooking up when the cameras aren’t around ;)

  • Team Kstew

    Pattinson** not partisan!! Whoops:)^^