Britney Spears Completes Day 1 Of Judging ‘The X Factor’ Auditions


Yesterday we saw the first batch of BEAUTIFUL photos of Britney Spears and her fellow X Factor judgesSimon Cowell, Antonio LA Reid and Demi Lovato — making their arrival in Austin, TX for Day 1 of auditions for season 2 of The X Factor. Today we get to see a BUNCH of new photos from the first day of auditions AND we get to see video from inside the Austin auditions yesterday. Click below to check it all out … it’s deffo worth your time :)

Britney showed up at the auditions yesterday in a beautifully hawt pink dress and she immediately sent fans into a tizzy. To be honest, I knew she was going to bring the heat on this first day of auditions but I know there were are great many people who doubted her. As soon as she stepped foot out of her SUV, all those concerns disappeared and pretty much everyone agreed that Britney looked amazing … and ready to get down to work. Here are some photos of Britney and her fellow X Factor judges gettin’ down to work:

Many other folks are reporting that Britney “walked off” the set and are doing everything they can to make something out of nothing but according to E! News’s Marc Malkin (who was at the auditions in person and witnessed everything first hand), there was no dramatic “walk off” the set:

All hail, Britney Spears! The pop princess was welcomed by the roar of about 4,000 people who crowded into the Frank Erwin center for her debut as an X Factor judge. So how did she do—and why was she missing from the last four tryouts? Spears’ first X Factor comment from the judging panel? The 30-year-old told a teen boy he could be bigger than Justin Bieber! The “Womanizer” singer remained sweet and calm, only giving two no’s during the auditions. Her harshest critique for one poor chap who had no chance of getting through was, “I feel like you need a new teacher to teach you how to sing.” Other than that, she found something nice to say to ever hopeful. “Texas has a lot of talent – seriously!” she tweeted. “Loving @TheXFactorUSA auditions so far” … About 14 soloists and groups sang for the judges. The X Factor peeps have asked us not to spoil the upcoming season by reporting who did and didn’t make it to the next round. After the tenth contestant, Spears was escorted backstage—and she didn’t come back for the last four hopefuls. We’re being told she wanted to take a break. None of the other judges mentioned her sudden departure—even when some in the crowd shouted, “Where’s Britney?!” And a needed break is all it was. Spears was back for the second show taping—and stayed for the entire three-hour shoot. And the really good news? She seemed to have loosened up a bit. Spears and Lovato chatted a lot more than they had earlier in the day. The two stood up at their chairs and danced together during a performance by a hip-hop trio. When all four judges agreed that one rapper was one of the worst auditions of the day, Britney smiled and offered, “I like your hat.” And when Cowell was especially mean to one contestant, Spears sneered, “That was rude, Simon!”

Britney herself commented on the reports that she “walked off” the set:

#Britneywalksoff??? LOL was just taking a little break people. I am having the BEST time!!!

Honestly, this is exactly the kind of thing that Simon Cowell is hoping for … hype and controversy. I suspect the next time Britney sneezes, someone will make a controversial story out of it. No matter, as long as folks are talking about her … you know she’s doing something right. Here is a bit more video that was filmed from inside the auditions yesterday:

And here is a shot of the X Factor judging panel:

Day 1 is in the can and folks are already lined up for Day 2 of auditions later today. This is JUST THE BEGINNING of the X Factor saga. I suspect we’ll be seeing and hearing much from the auditions process as it continues thruout the Summer so … stay tuned. We will likely hear more stories about “walking off” or “melt downs” or whatever but I’m not at all concerned. It’s clear that Britney and co. are having fun and I cannot WAIT to see footage of all the fun they’re having when season 2 of The X Factor debuts this Fall.

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  • brittany

    I saw the headline earlier about Britney walking off and I couldn’t get to your blog fast enough. I think this show picking up Britney is going to throw it into the spotlight! American Idol?? What’s that?

    AND damn Britney looks bomb!!! :)

  • ClaireMichelle

    God, I just cannot wait to see this show start! I can tell Britney is just going to shine! We really have to wait until the fall?! C’mon!

  • She looked gorgeous! I didn’t want her to do this but now I’m really looking forward the show.

    And ugh with the “meltdown” report, it’s like they’re going to take anything to make a story but whatever, brit slayed yesterday. To those reports i say: I Pass.

  • Katie

    Lol, they probably told her to walk out & leaked the story for more press. I wouldn’t put anything past Simon Cowell.

  • Spice

    I’m going to tonight’s show. I’m excited to see Britney and Demi… I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

    • @Spice — OMG, have fun for all of us :) xoxoxo

  • Krissy

    I get a little concerned when people equate her physical beauty to her mental state. A cute dress doesn’t make someone mentally stable. I wish her all the best, but I just worry that sometimes the fans are doing so much wishful thinking that they lose focus of what is best for her.

    I am not a fan of hers, but I really hope that she makes it through this ok. She is still under conservatorship, and that wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t necessary for her own well being. Holding my breath for her.

  • rOXy

    Brit is going to do just great. In the one picture where she is seated at the panel and looking down, you can tell she is taking her judging responsibility seriously. The walk-off was probably just a cig break (I think she still smokes). I think those who tune in just to watch a train wreck in action are going to be severely disappointed. Her star power will make X Factor huge and will likely effectively kill American Idol even though it has been wheezing towards its eventual demise.

  • lilly

    obviously they are gonna put more hype on britneys name as a judge but i kinda feel cad for demi. because shes not getting much recognition you know? they say britneys name last as the finale when introducing he judges and like. yeah you know? i love britney but idk

  • D

    Seems odd that she up and decided to take a “break” in the middle of shooting. So for that part of the show there will just be 3 judges sitting there? For $15 mil you better sit your ass down and judge the whole damn show. Also, I hear the leaked clip of one of her critiques from day one and it was, um, “cute” – I just hope she finds intelligent things to say other than “that was pretty” or “I really liked that”

    • @D — LOL! Any other advice to dole out?

    • jj

      the um, cute advice was from demi lovato! and also britney has the right to take a break whenever she wants, they have a deal, x factor is the one who wants britney, they forced her to do xfactor, britney’s kids are always on the backstage britney must check them especially jayden known to have tantrums!…..

  • Courtney

    At the end of the commercial when they show the silhouette shot from Circus, I got cold chills. I think our Queen B is going to KILL on the X Factor!!! Can’t wait to watch this fall! It’s Britney, bitch.

  • Beckah

    I was at the taping on Thursday and Brit was FABULOUS!! I skipped out a bit early but witnessed 4-5 acts and one of Britney’s completely acceptable breaks. She was ADORABLE interacting with her beau, Jason… and watching the swagger he had just carrying himself made me feel faint! They are seriously so hot in person! I’m not usually a fan of these shows so I couldn’t hang with the live version and it’s lack of fast forward, but there was NO WAY I was going to miss an opportunity to see Ms. Spears and will DEFINITELTY tune in to every episode this season! Also, I saw the Creepy McCreeperton TMZ photog while waiting in line for the event and he followed me and my girlfriend asking questions about her ‘storming off’. We told him how ridiculous the story was and they still ran it!!

  • D

    @Trent – no advice, just observation. It’s all good.


    I was there in AUSTIN on May 24th and Demi is The feisty 1!!! Loved it! that is all i can an will say!!!! lol!!!!