‘The Real Housewives Of New York City’ Releases A New Promo Photo & Video


Last month we got our first look at the first trailer for the forthcoming new season of The Real Housewives of New York City and today we get to check out a fabulous new promo photo and the new opening title sequence for the show. Altho RHONY won’t debut on Bravo until next month, we can see what the revamped opening title sequence will look like. Click below to hear how the new (and old) housewives will introduce themselves on the show.

Is it just me or does this new promo photo of the New York housewives look very similar to the promo photos of the Beverly Hills housewives? It would seem that Bravo is hoping to make NY look a bit more like BH. Watch the opening sequence video for the new season of RHONY and see what I mean:

Now that NY has taken the BH lead, I wonder if all of the other installments of Housewives shows will follow suit? As for this new opening sequence, what do y’all think? I think the housewives intros are kinda boring … and no one on this show should ever utter the word “holla”. LOL. It looks better but I’m not that impressed. Are you?


  • Jim

    I think the Beverly Hills intros really blew me away as it was so much more dynamic than the others (I think I may have even commented on that here!) and I LOVE when the OC season took it on. They seemed to merge the two a bit better than NYC did (really looks like an “urban” Beverly Hills promo). I think Miami needs it if they do decide to Season 2 it. If they cheap it out, that just goes to show they should cut it, and I actually like the Atlanta one in it’s current state, so I’d be cautious to change that one.

  • kevin

    That Heather chick saying holla GTFO!You are a middle aged white woman not black!