Madonna’s Junior High School Yearbook Is Being Sold At Auction


A copy of the 1972 yearbook from West Junior High in Rochester Hills, MI is being sold at auction. As you may know, this is significant because Madonna was a 14 year old student at the jr. high school at the time. It turns out that Maddy’s childhood friend Nancy is selling her yearbook at auction in the hopes of making a significant sum of money. The yearbook has added value because it features Madonna’s 14 year old autograph. Click below to see what Madonna looked like at 14 and what she inscribed in this yearbook.

A photograph of Madonna at the age of 14 has surfaced as a former classmate prepares to sell her yearbook at auction. The photograph, which appeared in the 1972 yearbook of West Junior High School in Michigan, shows the singer with dark brown locks and a innocent smile across her face. Despite the sweet-as-pie expression, the mega star, now 53, was said to be a rebellious student at the Rochester Hills, Michigan school. Set to be auctioned through Christie’s in London, the yearbook belongs to ‘Nancy’ and is expected to fetch about $2350 when it goes on sale on June 12. The pop queen had also written a note to her classmate, which read: ‘Dear Nancy, I hope you have fun at Adams and the years to come. Madonna “76”‘.

Adams is said to be a reference to Adams High School, where Madonna later went herself. The number ’76’ is said to refer to her cheerleading number at the time. Beneath the black and white photograph reads her full name – Madonna Ciccone.

Wow. This would be an amazing thing to own. I’m certain there’s a Madonna fan out there ready to shell out as much money as it takes to bring this yearbook home. Interestingly enough, I also attended a West Junior High School in Michigan but nowhere near Rochester Hills, MI. I sincerely doubt anyone would ever want to buy my jr. high yearbook at auction but … I guess you never know ;) In any event, this is a pretty cool little piece of Madonna history that is soon going to be sold to the highest bidder. Any chance any of y’all are gonna place a bid in the hopes of winning?


  • rOXy

    She looks so much older than 14 in that picture. I wish I had the money to bid with. I imagine it will go for more than I can pay. Wasn’t she in the Class of ’76? I would think she would reference that instead of her cheerleading jersey, but you never know.

  • shark317

    If the yearbook was for the academic year ending in the summer of 72, Madonna would have not yet had her 14th birthday. I assumed the “76” would be her class year, since she they were talking about high school and Madonna was in the Adams High Class of 1976.

    She definitely looks mischievous in that photo though. I feel like she just finished doing something that would have one of the local nuns fall in a dead faint.

  • Tagg

    Jeez Trent…being the HUGE Madonna fan you are and you dont even know her birthdate? She was born in 1958 which would make her 18 and in her Senior year of HS…

    • Stevie

      If you read the article it said it was a junior high yearbook from 1972, so if she was born in 1958 then that would make her 13 or 14.

  • gayana

    i guess it would make sense to own this for someone whose name is Nancy— other than that… really dont see why would someone buy it…

    I have aguilera’s signing to me that says Gayana I hope you have fun tonight and I will see you tomorrow X-tina…. from Stripped tour in London…. should I sell it too? lol please…

    • rOXy

      If I could afford it, I would buy it just to have a piece of Madonna’s history. What was written was something personal to someone she personally knew, not just one of a million autographs to a stranger. Sorry, Christina is huge but not the legend that Madonna is, so your autograph would have way more value to you than to anyone else.

  • Sarah

    Cheerleaderes have numbers? Never seen a cheerleader with a numbered uniform before…


    I have her 8th grade jr. high book, 10th, 11th & 12th grade High School yearbooks. Going on ebay soon. Stay tuned.