Watch: The Late Robin Gibb Honored By Brother Barry In YouTube Video Set To ‘Heart Of Mine’


A few days ago we heard the sad news that Robin Gibb of the iconic musical group, the Bee Gees, passed away after his long battle with cancer. Robin’s brother, Barry Gibb, the last remaining Bee Gee, has released a moving video on YouTube as a tribute to his late brother. He hasn’t yet released an official statement, but this seems to be his first public way of honoring his late brother and band member. The video, which we have here for you to watch, is moving and poignant. Set to the soundtrack of the Bee Gees’ Heart Like Mine, it includes home video footage and photographs from their childhood as well as behind the scenes footage while the Bee Gees performed and toured. What a fitting tribute from one brother to another.

In between the fun, happy footage of the brothers being kids and then as members of the band, the Bee Gees, you can feel the poignancy. This video definitely pulls on the heartstrings. The footage ends with a close-up of a younger Robin and is titled ‘Bodding’ – an affectionate nickname given to him by his family. Sadly, this is Barry’s third brother he has lost. Andy Gibb died in 1988 and Maurice in 2003.

The soundtrack to the video, the Bee Gees’ own song, Heart of Mine, could not be more appropriate. Ugh, this is such a sad video to watch as you can really feel the family’s pain after losing their son and brother. As one Pink reader commented, this really has been a crazy couple of months of losing too many great musicians. First we had the tragic death of Whitney Houston, then recently, Donna Summers, and this week Robin Gibb. Let’s hope after three, this ends the sad news. As poignant as it is, I did enjoy watching this video and gaining more insight into Robin’s life and his close knit family. It is a lovely, moving, and very fitting tribute. RIP Bodding.


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    Its Donna SUMMER not “SummerS”. you moron!