Watch: Baz Luhrman’s First Trailer Of Revamped ‘The Great Gatsby’ Is Unveiled


Back in April of this year we heard that Aussie film director Baz Luhrman was planning to work his magic on an adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Baz is known for his tackling of literary classics, he famously made a film version of Romeo + Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes back in the 90’s and of course, most of you will remember his post modern version of Moulin Rouge. Today we have the first view of his latest work on the classic American novel. This lavish production stars Leo DiCaprio as the titular great one, Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway, Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan and Joel Edgerton as her husband, Tom. If this trailer is anything to go by, this movie is going to be a whole lot of fun and NOTHING like your high school teacher’s rendition of the great American novel.

Mr Luhrman is definitely known for adaptations and reworks of classics, this is his thing, so what a perfect classic to work off. I LOVE the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, as I’m sure many of you do too, so you may be a little nervous to see what reworking and remodeling Baz has done in this movie. If Romeo + Juliet was anything to go by though, his adaptations make the classics accessible to people who otherwise wouldn’t have got into them and he just brings them to life in the most splendid ways. I remember watching his version of Shakespeare’s classic love story while I was in my final years of High School because we were studying the Shakespeare text. The Luhrman adaptation stands out far and above anything else I studied in that course.

The Great Gatbsy trailer opens in 1920 New York in Long Island’s North Shore during the “roaring 20s” where the economy and emotions were running high and the Prohibition, the ban on the sale and manufacture of alcohol, was gaining traction. The scene is thrilling and vibrant. Baz has totally brought to life Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age and the lavish confetti-strewn Gatsby parties through his film technique. Baz Luhrman is possibly the best at making a scene opulent and over the top in a fabulous way. He did it in Moulin Rouge and he has certainly done it again here. The cinematography and imagery look amazing. While it’s impossible to judge an entire film from a two-minute trailer, it certainly doesn’t look like they have skimped on the costumes or set design.

Last time we heard about this film, Isla Fisher said that Baz pumped Kanye West music into their ears while doing scenes to get them in the mood, and the trailer opens with Kanye West and Jay-Z’s No Church in the Wild. I am so excited about this movie I can’t even tell you. It is slated to open around Christmas 2012. What do you think of this adaptation of the classic???

  • Lauren

    I hated his version of Romeo and Juilet but I’m really excited about this, the trailer’s pretty good.

  • Courtney

    this is going to flop harder now than it did in 1974 why waste the money

  • Jackie

    I loved the book. I hope the movie is good but I’ll keep my expectations low. :/

  • Krissy

    I LOVE the way Baz shoots his movies. They are so vibrant and finding the little details that he puts into his films is so fun for me. He makes his worlds seem enchanted. I love how in this trailer it is like the air is a character, being made tangible by confetti, whispy curtains, billowing city smog. Love it.

  • Ria

    Just wanted to add this in. Amitabh Bachchan from Bollywood will be playing Meyer Wolfsheim in the movie. He’s a legend in India… the ultimate superstar.

  • Amanda

    CANNOT. WAIT!!! It looks amazing! :)

  • JCZ

    He has a visual taste like no other director in Hollywood. I shouldn’t even say Hollywood, since he tends to avoid that part of the industry really. Shot all in Australia – he is brilliant.

    This is what I like to see in adaptions like this, especially when it had already been made before. Not saying I wanna see someone tackle Harry Potter and completely change is (Although a Baz version of HP sounds quite spectacular) – I like it when a director provides a completely different vision to a piece of work. I assume he will stay loyal to the story, which is what I like to see in adaption, but visually, I love it when directors just go out of ordinary.

    It is like the Lovely Bones – visually, Peter Jackson nailed it. It was something I imagined yet it was something so different to when you read the book. But he failed on the story.

  • miss x

    i can’t wait to see this! the party scene reminds me of another party scene in Romeo + Juliet!

    can someone tell me why that Tobey guy doesn’t seem to age?!?!??!!!