Prince Charles Is Now A DJ!


Last week Prince Charles was the weather man and now he is a budding deejay. Yes, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales surfaced yesterday in Toronto, Canada, on day two of an official Diamond Jubilee tour of Canada and showed his mixing skills behind the decks at a youth center music studio. The photo (and video!!) is hilarious. The image of Prince Charles with headphones on, scratching and fading a turntable is just too much. You have to see this and laugh yourself silly.

Prince Charles visited an employment skills workshop at Yonge Street Mission and UforChange as a part of his Diamond Jubilee tour of Canada. With the camera snapping and flash bulbs flashing the geeky prince challenged himself to be cool, but it’s quite clear in the video footage that the job of a DJ was extremely difficult for him. He seems totally bewildered and confused about the whole thing, even as a young woman explains to him which buttons to press and how to “scratch” the record.

It is pretty adorable though… in some sort of strange way. I can’t believe I just used the word adorable and Prince Charles in the same sentence though. LOL!