Watch: Lea Michele Tells David Letterman She Has 14 Secret Tattoos


Glee darling, Lea Michele, appeared on The David Letterman Show yesterday and got to talking about her biggest addiction – getting tattooed. Who would have thought that Lea has 14 tattoos, all in secret locations on her body, and it’s a sentimental family activity? Lea explained to David Letterman that getting inked runs in her family and they even do it together over holidays. Love it! If you missed it, check out Lea chatting about her tatts. Do you think we could play a guessing game and work out her 14 secret spots?

“I come from a very big Italian family, and tattoos are very popular,” Michele, 25, said on Monday’s Late Show with David Letterman. “We’ll be like, ‘Let’s all get tattoos…. Then we get super sentimental, and then the next day I wake up with, like, another butterfly on my foot. And I’m like, it seemed more important in the moment.” “Some people go hunting for eggs,” she told Letterman. “We go get tattoos.”

I just learned that Lea has a small bird tattoo on her hip and a butterfly on her right foot, which is a nod to her 2006 role in Spring Awakening. That’s two out of 14, what are the other 12 and where on her skin are they? Lea seemed to suggest to David that she can’t get anymore tattoos because, all her “secret hidden spots are done, [my] real estate is over.” So, she only gets tattoos which are subtle and somewhat secret. I am so intrigued! I’ve been trying to find pics of gorgeous Lea to work out where they are all located, but I’m guessing that a whole lot of them are very, very hidden, perhaps where only her beau, Cory Monteith, can see them.

Do you know what design tattoos Lea Michele has on her body?

  • Lela

    I know that she has one on her right left hip. one on her back right hip, the butterfly. She has a gold star on her arm, very small below the elbow. Her imagine tattoo on her left foot. I believe is on her wrist. Music notes on her back. One on her thigh for her grandfather. Our city our love is on her foot. There seems to be a cross near her ribcage, but not sure. left rib cage under cross – writing “A angel now” possible word unknown for sure. and … Red heart on left index finger. I think those are the ones I know of though :/

    • Sandy

      How the crack do you know all that??

  • Sandy
  • Courtney

    a beautiful girl like her having tattoos is gross

    • @Courtney — Obviously, that is your opinion. I, on the other hand, do not find tattoos “gross”.

    • Sandy

      Would it be okay if she weren’t pretty?

    • Ella

      Judging someone based on what they choose to do with their body is gross.

  • I personally love that they are all meaningful and small. I also love how adorable she is. She’s just a stunner.

    Also, the gold star isn’t near her elbow it’s on her wrist.

  • Sistah_Tru

    The other ones are nothing but dried up jizz spots.

  • Cee

    She has one on her shoulder too, it’s not often covered well on Glee haha