‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Releases A Slew Of New Movie Posters


As we draw ever closer to the theatrical release of the final installment of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, the promo campaign for The Dark Knight Rises is starting to wind down. This week Warner Bros. released the final movie poster for TDK which some people don’t really like. They have also released a slew of character posters that, I think, people will like better. Click below to see posters of Batman, Catwoman and Bane in all their movie poster glory.

This is the final movie poster for The Dark Knight Rises. I mean, I don’t hate it but I can see how some folks might not be impressed. It’s not very interesting and it really does not illuminate the film in any way.

This batch of characters posters is much more interesting, I think. Batman looks badass and we finally get to see Catwoman and Bane take center stage in the promo campaign. I will say that the rain doesn’t really work for me but I guess it does provide a certain effect.

This batch of snowy photos feels more serene … pensive … dramatic. They make a nice contrast to the fiery final poster above. The posters are simple but they work well in Nolan’s world of Batman. These promo materials provide a slow build-up to the film’s release. We still have to wait until the end of July to see The Dark Knight Rises so … I suppose these posters are supposed to help the anticipation mount? What do you guys think of these posters? Which are your faves?


  • Lorem ipsum

    Wow…there is really bad weather in Gotham City. No wonder people are mad and villainous.

  • Megan

    Love the first photo of Catwoman but I don’t like the second one, she looks completely passive!

  • Krissy

    “it really does not illuminate the film in any way.”

    How can you make this decision before you see the film? Perhaps there are details in the poster (especially the first one) that you will “get” after you see the film?

    • @Krissy — You’re right, there could be details in the poster that won’t make sense until the film is released. It just looks like the same poster motif that was used for the other films … and maybe that’s the point.

  • Ben@pr

    I like how Bane looks. The character has come a long way since it last portray in a Batman movie which was ridiculous and cartoonish. I still don’t like how Catwoman looks and I hope Anne performance will do justice to the character.

  • Meg

    I think it’s the Catwoman glasses or faceshield or whatever that thing is. It’s distracting. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a futuristic look but it’s bulky and unflattering. I would have much rather seen her bare faced or with more subdued eyewear.