Who Wore What And Who Won At The 2012 Billboard Music Awards?


Last night was the 2012 Billboard Music Awards and we have the full rundown of who won, who lost and who wore what to the music award show. The MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada sizzled last night. Check out the list of winners and a gallery of pics from the red carpet. Major win for me = Brandy Norwood. Major loss = Miley Cyrus. Oh, and the overall winner in the award stakes was not surprisingly, the majestic, Adele.

Before we can look at some of the fun fashion, here are some of the main winners from this year’s award show.. The Top Artist award and Top Billboard Album went to Adele; Top Duo/Group as well as Top Hot 100 Song went to LMFAO and their single, Party Rock Anthem. Top New Artist was Wiz Khalifa and Top Male Artist and Top Rap Artist awards went to Lil Wayne. Top Female obviously went to Adele.

The Rock and Alternative Award went to Coldplay. The Top Social Artist award went to Justin Bieber and Top Streaming Artist was Rihanna. Top Dance Artist and Album went to Lady Gaga, beating our dear Britney Spears. Another surprise win was Chris Brown, who took home the Top R&B Artist gong. Not surprisingly, Adele took home most of the awards of the night including all the digital ones, Top Pop Artist and Pop Album. Top R&B Album went to Beyoncé.

On the red carpet there were some major wins and of course some massive failures too. To begin with, the most-talked about fashion faux pas went to Miley Cyrus who rocked up in nothing but a cleavage-baring Jean Paul Gaultier jacket and Christian Louboutin heels. Not only was it an inappropriate outfit but she just looked silly, IMHO. What was she thinking?

Some wins in my books… Taylor Swift, who wore a bright red Elie Saab gown and Katy Perry, who brought her 91 year old grandmother as her date (so cute!) and wore a purple Blumarine gown to match her granny, and her hair. Check out grandma’s sparkly walking stick as well! OMG I love granny Perry!!

My personal favorite look from this year’s Billboard Music Awards though was Brandy Norwood who looked so gorgeous in a Herve Leger by Max Azria Spring 2012 bandage dress. Everything about her look was a win for me – loved her hair, makeup and the cute dress- perfectly event appropriate. She is just stunning!

To see more red carpet looks, check out the gallery of pics..


  • Ria

    Taylor Swift took my breath away.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Taylor was the best dressed for me. Holy smokes, she looked amazing. And her dress is to die for. As for Miley, I will say that I looove her choice in shoes.

  • cmc

    I disagree on Miley…personally, I think she looks smoking hot. Taylor looks beautiful, too- she’s so elegant and regal! Like a young Nicole Kidman.

  • BradywantsMoore

    Thank u @cmc I don’t get it ppl Miley looked HOT!! She’s a gorgeous woman and she has a hot body why not show it off! Shes my pick for best dressed! :)

    • DJ

      For some reason, this website has almost always hated on Miley in every way so the fact that they didn’t like her outfit/look last night is no big surprise. To each their own, though. Personally, I think she looks amazing.

    • Vicky

      I don’t think it’s just this website that hates on Miley… I don’t think many people over the age of 20 are overly fond of her… she is… well… Miley.

  • Shannon

    I actually love Miley’s look and I usually dislike Katy perry but omg her and granny are the cutest love that cane

  • Randal

    BRANDY all the way. Love the mini Diana Ross afro.

  • The thing I really dislike about Miley’s look is the hair. No, girl, just no!*

  • Lacey

    Brandy looks hungry

  • nicole

    i loved mileys outfit, i thought she looked great (minus the hair)- i dont find it inappropriate at all, its like shes 16 anymore.
    it was great to see taylor in something that didnt come off as “princessy” (< not even a word lol). i like katys dress, just not on her – but her granny is cute!

  • Sam

    Whoa is it just me or does Brandy’s face look completely different from what I remember….I barely recognized her!

  • Ariel

    didn’t like brandy’s hair, i mean that part in the middle, best dressed for me was taylor, and about miley’s outfit well she does look hot… for a photoshoot not for an event or to go out

    • Bea

      Ditto on Brandy’s hair. Bleck! Way too big.

    • toya

      It’s called an afro -__-

  • kate

    I’m sorry but what is the difference between Brandy’s cleavage-baring outfit (your favorite) and Miley’s cleavage-baring outfit (which you call inappropriate and silly)??

    • Vicky

      Miley is essentially a child. That’s the difference.

  • DJ


    In regards to your reply to my comment…

    I know MANY people over 20 that like Miley. But I’ve noticed this website likes to hate on her “just because.” And they’re not the only ones. Others too are amazingly mean to her and I just don’t get it. This site isn’t as mean but I still don’t get the venom when there are SO many others who need criticizing. :-)

    • @DJ — Sorry but you are incorrect. This site doesn’t “hate on” anyone “just because”. Opinions on various celebs vary but nothing we publish comes from a place of hate.

    • DJ

      Well then your “opinions” sway more to the negative side where Miley is concerned and it sometimes appears that y’all go out of your way to criticize her negatively. As in this post, where she is the ONLY one singled out for a fashion faux pas yet three are listed in the “looks good” column.

      And my opinions on various gossip sites vary, but they don’t come from a place of hate… just observation.

    • @DJ — Firstly, I cannot speak for Melissa who authored this particular post but I can speak for the site as a whole and vehemently deny that we “hate on” Miley Cyrus or anyone else as a regular course of action. Guess what? Sometimes other people might not agree with you about what looks good. I, personally, think she looks fine in this pantsless jacket outfit … but if Melissa does not, that doesn’t mean she hates her. LOL. It’s a bit silly to take things like this personally. It’s a blog. We make fun of clothes, performances, etc. in a fun way. I honestly believe you have a skewed perspective of “hate” if you think PITNB opinions are hateful … but that’s your prerogative.

  • I thought Brandy was kind of channeling Donna Summer there. Just me???

    • @Brenna — It’s not just you, I see it too.

  • DJ


    Wasn’t taking things personally. Was just making comments til YOU took it personally and decided to comment on my comments. ;-)

    • @DJ — Hahahaha ;) I just don’t want you or anyone else to think that we purposely “hate on” anyone around here. I want this site to be fun, plain and simple.

    • DJ

      I hear ya. And I apologize for the use of “hating on”. It was said in the colloquial sense as in conversation with friends and thought it was being taken as such.

    • @DJ — <3

  • DJ

    <3 Right back atcha, buddy boy!

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