Watch: Lynne Spears Shares Family Photos In A New Interview


Lynne Spears, mother of Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears, sat down for a one on one interview with a local news affiliate in Louisiana recently so that she could lovingly share new photos of her precious grandbabies. The focus of the story, it seems, is about Lynne’s decision to stay in Kentwood, LA in the mansion that Britney bought for her. From the grounds of the home she named Serenity, Lynne reveals why she loves her home and then she proceeds to share some family photos with the interviewer. It’s a cute interview, one you simply must watch.

Britney’s new gig on The X Factor is mentioned so the interview must’ve take place last week. I’m so glad Lynne shared her photos with us because I am DYING over those cute school photos of Sean Preston and Jayden James. It’s clear she loves her family and it’s also clear that she loves her home … even if she lives there all by herself. I suspect we’ll be seeing Lynne here in LA from time to time once Britney begins work on The X Factor but until then it sounds like she’ll be happy as can be maxing and relaxing in the peace and Serenity of her own home.


  • Vicky

    Who is the kid Britney’s holding? Is it her brother’s?

    • Vince

      i’m guessing it’s her brother’s, Bryan, kid.

    • @Vince — Yes, you are correct.

  • Tiners

    Cute interview. She seems so sweet! Like Britney. :)

  • Anita

    Aww, great interview! So proud of the reporter, my Graham! Thanks for posting this Trent :)