DC Comics Will Reintroduce An Existing Superhero As Gay


Back in February of 2009, DC Comics introduced Batwoman as its first openly gay headlining superhero. Today we learn that DC is planning to reintroduce an already established superhero as gay. We don’t know for sure which hero it will be but from a company with characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and more, the mind boggles as to which “established character” will come out as gay. Details are light right now about this coming out but you can click below to read all the reported deets currently available.

One question asked at the DC panel today at the Kapow comic convention in London, was about DC co-publisher Dan DiDio’s interview with The Advocate. Specifically over the decision not to change any character’s sexual orientation when relaunching the DC Universe. At the time Dan stated they would introduce new LGBT characters rather than switch orientation, but the question asked why DC would switch race, size, age, all sorts of identifying features, but not orientation. Surprisingly, Dan stated that they had changed DC’s policy in this regard. And they are about to reintroduce a previously existing DC character who was previously straight and now will be “one of our most prominent gay characters.” As Senior VP Sales Bob Wayne explained, just like the President of the United States, the co-publisher’s policy on this “has evolved.” And despite his best efforts to stem Dan’s wandering mouth, we also got the very strong impression that the death of Superman of Earth Two many not have been as final as portrayed…

…. SO, it’s possible that DC’s biggest hero — Superman — might be reintroduced as a gay character? HMMM. Over the past couple of years, Archie Comics has made great strides in portraying gay characters in their books. Their character Kevin Keller even enjoyed his own same-sex wedding ceremony. In fact, there have been a lot of big moments for gay characters in comic books over the years. I’m encouraged by this news that DC is planning to reintroduce an established character as gay. There are so many alternate universes in the comic book world that changing a characters story completely is really par for the course. Those changes allow comic book writers to breathe new life into old stories. I’m really curious to find out which character is going to come out as gay. Any guesses?


  • Sistah_Tru


    • rOXy

      LOL! I don’t EVEN want to know what his superpower his.

  • Adam

    Personally I think it’s green lantern he tries too hard to be a ladies man. Add in the fact that wonder woman would be too obvious a choice and wouldn’t have the same impact. Superman is too iconic that people bitch about his costume change so changing him would be worse and Batman is just that another one that people wouldn’t take too well to a great change

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    Batman and Robin were lovers for a long time.When they broke up Robin dissapeared.Everybody knew that something different was going on between those two.

    • Bernadine

      Yes I say batman also because of BoyWonder I wounder why they called him BOYWONDER!? Yes yes batman.

  • Bruise

    There’s some info you might have missed along the interwebs today. The character is confirmed as being male.

    Also, there was mention of a gay character joining the ranks of the Bat family.

    I’m not in this camp, but there are people that think it’s going to be Red Robin, Tim Drake. Seems unlikely, personally, but might not be the most outlandish of choices because of the new Teen Titans on his team, Bunker, is gay.

    • @Bruise — Thanks, yes I did miss those deets.

    • Bruise

      If you were still curious, managed to pick up a little more today. The character is confirmed as NOT being Bruce Wayne by Scott Snyder.

      Also, it’s an established character who has not been seen since the reboot. So, that leaves.. The Atom (Ryan Choi), Vibe, Plastic Man, Wally West, or someone in a GL suit as viable contenders.

  • whatevezz

    Oh really, is there any need to have a gay super-hero now? I’m not homophobic at all but really its just polictically correctness gone mad. Why does sexualality have to come into everything now-a-days.

    • LV

      @whatevezz, I agree with you. I don’t know why the sex lives of comic book heros is even important.

      And I really don’t know how Superman (just an example) being gay is really going to help a “little boy or girl who feels out of place”. And how many little boys and/or girls will have that gay superhero ripped out of their hands and thrown in the trash by their homophobic parents. It’s not right, but that’s what will happen. Maybe a sexual preference should not be as important as the good that superheros do.

    • @LV — “And I really don’t know how Superman (just an example) being gay is really going to help a “little boy or girl who feels out of place”.”

      In comic books, superheroes have romantic relationships (Peter Parker and Mary Jane, Clark Kent and Lois Lane) and they sometimes get married. We live in a heteronormative society where things like superheroes with girlfriends are so normal that we don’t even think about it. But there are little boys and girls out there who do think about it because they don’t see the heroes they love engaging with other same-sex partners. It’s very easy for heterosexual people to say, “Why do sex lives have to be important” because it’s the norm. Have you ever thought “Why does Superman have to get married to Lois Lane?” Probably not. A gay superhero won’t exist to save people from hate crimes, it’s ridiculous to even suggest that. A gay superhero will do everything that all superheroes have always done … be heroes. When a young person sees that superheroes can be gay just like they are, there is great importance and value not just to the individual reader but to the culture as a whole. Some day there will not be a need for a “gay hero” because issues like same-sex marriage will be as common as heterosexual marriage and the concept of heteronormativity will be nonexistent.

  • Ian

    @whatevezz because it is everywhere and comics sort off reflect the real world with fantastic twist. why would you oppose something that could be so helpful and uplifting for the little boy or girl who feels out of place and will find someone to identify with in a comic?

    • whatevezz

      Yeah I get that but I also think some people will see it as been forced on them which could be problimatic to children as well if there in an environment where its adressed as a negative rather than a positive. There gonna be parents out there who won’t let their kids read it cause of having a gay superhero init, so won’t that make a kid feel worse that there parents are condeming it? I completely understand that everyone is equal and everyone should be treated as individuals with respect – but I also think it would be nice to have some form of innocence in the world. As a child (and as an adult) I loved the comics – what were nice was that they were fiction and an escape from the real world – so it is really nesessary to drag reality into fiction? I think were making a massive progress with homophobic beahvoiur with gay marrages and stuff, I just don’t see what a gay superhero is gonna do – I think been PC is good but I think pushing PC too far makes thing worse.

    • @whatevezz — “I also think it would be nice to have some form of innocence in the world.”

      Can you explain to me what is not-innocent about having gay characters represented in comic books? You seem to believe that being gay is an adult thing and being heterosexual is an innocent thing that is safe for children. You may be surprised to realize that there are gay children just like there are heterosexual children. The fact that you admit “I just don’t see what a gay superhero is gonna do” is proof that we need more gay inclusion in popular culture like comic books, storybooks, children’s TV programming, etc. so that the notion of what “gay characters can do” won’t even be a consideration. I might ask you, What would a blonde superhero do? What would a female superhero do? What would a mixed-race superhero do?

      “There gonna be parents out there who won’t let their kids read it cause of having a gay superhero init”

      And this is exactly the point. Because there are still far too many people with homophobic tendencies in the world, it’s important that gay visibility becomes more commonplace.

    • Ian

      I don’t understand your point about innocence. They are super hero comic books, there won’t be any porn or graphic sexual material. You are implying (albeit without any maliciousness) that homosexuality destroys innocence or that being exposed to it will tarnish youngster’s minds. Most comics and cartoons and everything are very heteronormative, and people just grow up thinking that’s the norm and things should always be like that, and it’s not, at least not for a lot of us. Superman has Lois, Aquaman Mara, WW Steve, why can’t other walks of life be respresented as well?

      And let’s be honest? If some parents prohibit it, it will be read even more, how often do we abide 100% by what our parents say. And if that kid is unfortunate enough to to live in such a restrictive household, at least he/she will find some sort of escape and understanding somewhere else

    • @Ian — “And if that kid is unfortunate enough to to live in such a restrictive household, at least he/she will find some sort of escape and understanding somewhere else” Yes, exactly!

    • whatevezz

      At no point did I say that homosexuality wasn’t innocent. I meerly said there should be something innocent out their for kids in gneral maybe you misinterperated that because I wasn’t clear over that.
      Perhaps you just been overly defensive because your gay yourself. I figured you could express your opinions here with it been an open blog, clearly not.
      You talk about needing more gay freindly things for children, well what about straight children who don’t want to read it? What about them? What option do they have?
      I’ve happily looked at it from different points of veiw – such as people should be more tolerent of everything not just of homosexuals, but i just think that there should be atleast one thing in the world what people can get enjoyment from with out seriousness and the world problems been brought into it.

    • @whatevezz — “i just think that there should be atleast one thing in the world what people can get enjoyment from with out seriousness and the world problems been brought into it.” have you ever read a comic book before? do you understand that there is death, murder, rape, and countless forms of criminal activity featured in the pages of these kinds of comic books … which is why the heroes exist in the first place? I honestly do not know what to say in regards to the rest of your response, probably because I’m a defensive gay person. I’ll just reiterate, again, that I do not agree with your position or your argument. None of this is a personal slight to you, just as I don’t take your opinions as a personal slight to me.

  • Tony

    I’m thinking The Flash; it’s refreshing to see comic book characters being represented by different races, cultures, and more recently sexualities.

  • Adam

    My thinking is not if they should or shouldn’t my thinking is go with the one that makes the most sense and I think green lantern makes the most since. After all he is known for over coming great fear and what is more fearful the someone coming out saying I’m gay knowing all that he or she will have to go through. The possibility of being disowned by parents made fun of and abused and humiliated by the public…it’s a lot of fear to overcome

    • sjazz

      i don’t want to see serena van der woodsen get rejected by ryan reynolds for another man in the next movie… let it be someone else.

  • Ian

    I’m glad this is happening, the only thing that might be a little tricky is this whole new revelation. I know my experience might not be the norm, and I’ve read a lot of late in life acknowledgment of one’s true sexuality, but not a lot of people wake up and go: Today, I like penis.

    I’m still glad this is happening and that DC and WB are willing to showcase a diverse world.

    • @ian — My guess is that the reveal might happen in an alternate universe, maybe as part of a new creation story.

  • LV

    Trent – I just wanted to thank you for letting everyone voice their opinions here. I think most have had valid points on both sides of the discussion, and it has been just that, a civil discussion. So thanks again.

  • Harl

    I go with aquaman

  • Kev

    Who’s coming out in the DC Universe? I think they’re most likely to go with one of the following: (1) Vibe – not well known, but DC revealed he’s being reintroduced (back from the dead, actually), and would fit nicely into the Batman-themed books; (2) Green Lantern – for the reasons already posted by Adam; (3) Martian Manhunter – he’s a golden age character who just recently joined a team with other openly gay characters (no jokes about the character’s name); (4) Nightwing – as he was a former Robin (Batman’s sidekick and ward), the idea that he’s gay has been rumored/debated for decades now among comic fans; and (5) Green Arrow – another Justice League alum who’d be super-awesome as openly gay. Black Canary was just a phase!

  • mirriah

    aquaman and the flash are good guesses but if i had to pick one id say green arrow