Watch: Gary Barlow Releases A Music Video For The Official Diamond Jubilee Single ‘Sing’


Former Take That member Gary Barlow teamed up with Andrew Lloyd Weber to pen the official Diamond Jubilee single Sing which will honor the 50th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth, II’s reign as British monarch. Barlow enlisted folks from the entire United Kingdom to perform on the track … including Prince Harry. Altho Harry doesn’t sing on the song, he does provide the tambourine. Click below to check out the single artwork and music video for Sing (keep a look out for Harry and his tambourine).

Prince Harry is featured in a single that will be released to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Although he refused to sing on the track, former Take That star Gary Barlow did manage to persuade him to bang a tambourine. The track, called Sing, was written by Barlow and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and also features the chart-topping Military Wives. When it is released later this month it is expected to be the first chart single to feature a specially-recorded member of the Royal Family. Harry recorded his contribution while he was visiting Jamaica – also one of the stopping points when Barlow travelled to various Commonwealth countries to compile the song. The musician used his laptop as a portable studio to gather recordings from locations such as Australia, Kenya and the Solomon Islands. The Prince features alongside a number of notable names including celebrated reggae rhythm section Sly & Robbie and guitarist Ernest Ranglin … Barlow said he had become fond of Harry after meeting him a few times. “He’s fun and relaxed and he’s a really nice kid. We caught him on his last day in Jamaica. We turned up and I asked him would he play on the record and he said ‘I don’t sing’. But I said ‘no, no – I don’t want you to sing, I want you to play the tambourine’. And so he said it’ll cost you. Then we met him later on that night and he did the tambourine hit and we spun it into the track. He probably hasn’t got a clue what he’s part of just yet.” Asked if the prince exhibited any musical talent, Barlow said simply: “No.”


The track is credited to Gary Barlow & The Commonwealth Band, which includes 210 musicians from across the Commonwealth – one of the largest groups of musicians to appear on a UK single. They include the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Band, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, young drummers from Kenya’s Kibera slum and the Australian musician Gurrumul. Sing will be … released by Decca Records on May 28th.

Aww … I love this. Wow, London has a lot of celebrating going on this year. First, Queen Elizabeth will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee then London will host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Shizz’s about to get crazy over there. I like this single, do you?

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  • azuresque

    Take That are back together, so it shouldn’t be “former” Take That member.

  • Drajik

    you should watch this:

    they talk about this video and many other things, it was very funny :D

  • Hannah

    I believe it is her 60th year not 50th as you stated at the beginning of the article.

  • rOXy

    I do like it! Blessed that ALW is still making music.

  • Cee

    Take That haven’t broken up again. Gary is still in the group. Shouldn’t be Former.

  • Katie

    That is really awesome. I had a little giggle over Harry and his tamborine.

  • Shazzer

    This is such a Gary Barlow tune, I could almost hear him singing it himself.