Last night David and I met up with our friends Gray and Jeff for a double dinner date at Tortilla Republic in West Hollywood, CA and had ourselves an amazingly delicious time. Since we’ve been home from Todos Santos, Mexico, David and I have stayed away from Mexican food because we fear that nothing that we eat here will come close to measuring up to the delicious food we experienced in Mexico … but we couldn’t stay away forever. I’m happy to say that the food at Tortilla Republic was great … but the company was even better.

It has been many weeks since we got to hang out with Gray and Jeff (we hadn’t seen them since we all went to The Magic Castle back in March) so we were long overdue for a hang sesh. We love those guys … it’ll be so fun seeing them get married in September :) Yes, they are wedding #7 of our 8 weddings this year. While we hung out at the restaurant for a while, we decided to call it an early night.

After far too many days of exhaustion, I think I’m finally ready to get moving again. On the advice of David and quite a few of you Pink readers, I decided to take the day yesterday to rest up and recuperate before I get to running again. I know it seems like I may have been pushing myself too hard over the past few months with my new running hobby but honestly, I’ve been really smart about my training. I did come down with something in NYC last week so that’s why I’ve been so wiped all week long. I’m feeling better today. I’d say I’m at 90% so I’m ready to head out for a run again. I’m gonna see how long/far I can go … I have a feeling today’s run is going to be a good one.

Happy Saturday, Happy Weekend! Have fun, y’all!!

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  • ChristineLA

    How did this dinner rank in terms of LA Mexican dining? I’m looking for a new place to crave!

    • @ChristineLA — The food was really good, I must say. The salsas were delicious and the lobster enchilada I had was absolutely divine. I’ll have to eat more to make a better judgement but based on this one experience, I’d recommend it to others.