Britney Spears Releases A ‘New’ Perfume Called ‘Fantasy Twist’


Britney Spears, a celebrity with one of the most successful fragrance lines, will be releasing a new perfume offering this Fall. Set for release in September and timed to coincide with her debut as judge on The X Factor, Britney will be releasing a fragrance called Fantasy Twist. This new offering is not a new smell, tho. It’s a bottle that will house Britney’s Fantasy perfume on one side and Midnight Fantasy on the other. You get two classic Britney perfumes in one stylish new bottle.

I understand Fantasy Twist will be made available in 3 sizes, including a small 30ml size that will fit perfectly in once purse or bag. I believe the idea is to offer both a day and night perfume for fans of Britney Spears’s fragrance line. Now, I’ve been very honest about my feelings on celebrity fragrances and altho I’m not a fan of even Britney’s perfumes, I do like the look of this neat bottle. Considering how well Britney’s fragrances do in sales, my guess is that Fantasy Twist will be another big hit for our dear Britney. Any fans of either the Fantasy or Midnight Fantasy perfumes? Does this look like something you’ll be picking up when it is released in September?


  • Amanda

    I’m with you on celebrity fragrances, Trent. But Britney’s line is really quite nice. I still buy Curious once a couple of years and Fantasy is quite lovely. Will pick this up just because the bottle design is unique.

    • @Amanda — “But Britney’s line is really quite nice” See, that’s what I hear all the time. Folks really seem to like her fragrances. I don’t wear cologne very much (mainly cuz I often don’t like having smells on me — I generally use unscented products) so I can’t really be a judge. I’m glad to know that Britney’s perfumes are nice. I dig the bottles :)

  • BradywantsMoore

    Ya FANTASY is to die for and I’m a guy lol but I wear it all the time!

    • justin

      me too i wear all of her perfumes

  • nicole

    Britney (though i dont wear it), Jlo & Mariah have the best celeb purfumes. They deffo they know what they’re doing

  • jess

    I LOVE midnight fantasy.

  • It’s time for a male fragrance

  • Tweety

    I am a fan of Britneys perfumes all of them but my favourite is fantasy i buy the small and the big one becouse it last longer there is no way you can go wrong with britney. cann’t wait for the new fantasy twist

  • Katy lee

    Yes for sure!!! I want it now! X

  • shanna

    Oh britney spears fragrance, What’s with celebrities and there need to sell fragrances?

  • sarag

    fuck that fuckface perfume