Why Is Selena Gomez Learning To Shoot A Gun?


Sweet little Selena Gomez is shooting guns – what is the world coming to? Today we get to see pics of Selena at a shooting range after she posted a couple of photos onto her Facebook page and Twitter account. From the pics it really looks like she knows what she is doing too! Her back is to the camera, but it’s quite clearly her, as she points the pistol toward a paper human target. Damn, these pics are a little scary and also somewhat bizarre, check ‘em out. Is Selena trying to shed her good girl image?

“Released some stress today,” Selena tweeted alongside these pictures of her at a shooting range in Bulgaria.

In my mind the lil’ 19 year old Selena is innocent and sweet, still a young Disney girl who is dating the equally innocent (but light beer drinking) Justin Bieber. It looks so out of character to see her at a shooting range with the sound muffling headphones on and a big ass gun in her hand. She has the stance and body language all down pat too. Could this be from growing up in Texas?

OK, so I don’t think Selena has quite picked up shooting as a hobby just yet. She is in Bulgaria shooting (pun intended) The Getaway remake, which is her new action packed movie with Ethan Hawke. Given the film, I’m guessing that she is getting in some gun time for work and practice for her role rather than personal pleasure, but she does seem to be rather enjoying it. Maybe this will become Selena’s new form of relaxation? Watch out Justin, Selena knows how to use a gun!


  • Nathan

    I agree that it’s her, but you can’t say it’s quite clearly her by looking at the back of her.

  • Katelyn

    People go to shooting ranges all the time. I don’t see what the big deal is. lol

  • Kari

    she’s from Texas, of course she can shoot a gun ;)

  • Jbo

    It’s cuz Biebs broke up with her… She confirmed on her personal Twitter…