Sources Claim That Jennifer Lopez Is Seriously Serious About Leaving ‘American Idol’


Yesterday we learned that Jennifer Lopez is going around town suggesting that she might not return to judge another season of American Idol. I, and may others, immediately jumped to the conclusion that she is merely saying this as a negotiating tactic to reap a more lucrative contract with Idol. But, according to E! News, it’s starting to sound like J. Lo is really serious about quitting Idol. For the first time ever, Lopez is going out on a world tour this Summer and prepping for the next season of AI would get in the way of her tour. Additionally, J. Lo says she’d like to spend more time with her children. I’m actually starting to believe that she is seriously serious about saying goodbye to American Idol.

While J.Lo has publicly said she has yet to make a decision about her future on Idol, sources exclusively tell me that she she’s planning on calling it quits. She’s just too busy,” one source said … She’s about to launch a mega concert tour with Enrique Iglesias that kicks off this summer in Latin America and the U.S. She plans to go worldwide in the fall. I’m told Lopez will be on the road, at the very least, through the end of the year. The next round of Idol auditions will begin while she’s overseas. The superstar apparently wants to free up her schedule next year, possibly taking a little hiatus from work to be with her kids. “It is just like any working mom’s dilemma,” Lopez told us at Monday’s premiere of What to Expect When You’re Expecting. “It’s tough. It’s a balancing act. You put them first and then you have all these other things that you have to do, that you have to give your time to as well, and you have to make sure that they’re OK in the process.” Fox declined to comment on Lopez’s future with the show. Meanwhile, a source close to the production tells E! News that “Fox does not want to let her go. They love her.” Lopez has been on Idol for two seasons with one-year contracts for both. Now the question is, will Fox try to change Lopez’s mind with a much bigger payday?

While my gut tells me that an $18-20 million dollar contract from Fox would make her stay on American Idol, I really do believe that she is prolly considering leaving the job behind. I guess it depends on how important the tour is to her. If she really wants to focus on her music career, then she should definitely tour the world as much as possible to show people FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER that she is an exciting live musical act. As for wanting to spend more time with the kids, well, I think she can do AI and still spend time with the children … but she prolly cannot tour the world, work on Idol AND spend quality time at home. In the end, I think J. Lo will be afforded the luxury of doing exactly what she wants … whatever that may be. She’s made smart career decisions in recent years … let’s hope she makes another one this time around.


  • Krissy

    I think she just wants more money. She wasn’t in the dark about Forbes naming her the most powerful celebrity, and I think the timing of her announcement and that declaration is too much of a coincidence.

  • BeeCee

    @Krissy I agree

  • nicole

    i actually believe she wants out. the show helped get her career back on track, and if she wants to seriously push her music & movies, then focusing on that and leaving the show is the best idea.

  • Nathan

    I don’t think that little amount of money will change her mind. She’s currently paid in the $12 million range I believe, so another $8 million really wouldn’t change her life (or anyone with her kind of wealth).

    She may simply be too busy to do it. It would be impossible to do it while a world tour happened and a world tour would likely be more lucrative.

  • Krissy

    She just tweeted that she wasn’t saying that she IS going to leave Idol, she just doesn’t know what she is doing next year.

    Yeah, she is totally trying to get more money.

  • l k

    Forbes must have their heads up their butts, a fat assed hoochie mama who at 42 and mother of two doesn’t know how to dress appropriately for her age. I recall the “In living color” skank who is the real jennie from the “bronx” not the block. Idol need to let her go, there are lots more and many better woman to judge Idol. What has she got going on besides this and south beach tow, she can’t act or sing but she seems to be more interested n c**k hunting anyway.

  • kjthedj

    PLEASE, LEAVE the show!!! She is NOT a singer, has NO talent and has no right to be judging others. She also never adds anything in her critiques other than “You looked good” or “You moved good”. Hell, I can do that or anyone of the street can do that. She sucks. Let her go on her lipsynch tour and watch her music career go down in flames.