Proud Mama Hilary Duff Shares New Photo Of 2 Month Old Luca Cruz


On March 20, Hilary Duff and her hubby Mike Comrie welcomed baby Luca Cruz into the world. Since then we have got to see the gorgeous little boy a couple of times through Hilary’s decision to share pics of him via her Twitter account. Unlike others celebs, Hilary decided very early on to share the first photos of her son with fans, for free, and without the need to do it through a big magazine photospread. Little Luca is a cutie, and today we have another adorable pic of him, with his beautiful mom. I can’t believe that he is already 2 months old.

“Me and my Beautiful boy! So much to be thankful for!” Hilary tweeted.

Hilary looks very beautiful in this pic and Luca is totally adorable. He has grown a lot over the past few weeks since we saw him last, and it is hard to believe that it has been nearly 2 months since he was born. March seriously feels like just a few days ago, but alas, it is already nearly June. Luca is starting to look more like his mom I think, if this photo is anything to go by. It is something about the nose and the mouth… either way, they’re both gorgeous. How is his little gray jumpsuit with the banana on it? And his lil’ shoes? Beyond cute!

She just celebrated her first Mother’s Day, and Hilary seems to be loving motherhood. It really agrees with her because she just looks so pretty in this pic. A few days ago she tweeted, “Babies smell soo good!! I can’t get enough. Poor guy gets loved on so much…. I wonder if he ever feels like yo mom, dad give me some space!” How cute is she??


  • Megan

    Love the look on his face. “whatchu lookin at?”

  • Emily

    I heard they want to raise him in Edmonton, Alberta. Living here, I don’t really understand the appeal but it’s kinda interesting if it’s true.

  • Nadine

    Aww she is so beautiful! I can’t believe Hilary Duff is a mom! I’m so happy for her! Luca looks just like her. He is gorgeous!