Movie Review: ‘The Cabin In The Woods’


At long last, I FINALLY got around to seeing the new Joss Whedon-produced, Drew Goddard-directed suspense thriller The Cabin in the Woods. As you may know, I’ve been CRAZY bizzy lately flying all over the US attending weddings in the past few weeks and this week — at long last — I get a few days to catch my breath. David and I have been really anxious to see Cabin so last night we decided to make it our date night event.

I managed to stay away from plot spoilers so I was pretty surprised by the film. The tagline is “You Think You Know the Story” and it’s the perfect tease. We’re initially supposed to assume the film is a run-of-the-mill slasher flick where teenagers get slaughtered in a remote cabin in the woods. Then, the movie trailers informed us that there is something more going on behind the scenes. BUT, none of that truly prepares you for what REALLY is going on in this film. I don’t want to spoil because I really think it works best when the audience is surprised … but I will say that The Cabin in the Woods is a truly Whedonesque film. It is the most Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel film that we have ever gotten from Whedon. The same humor, the same camp, the same metaphysical fun that we got from BtVS and Angel is showcased PERFECTLY in this new film. I was half expecting the word “hellmouth” to be uttered. And, in all honesty, I was a bit bummed that Wolfram & Hart wasn’t included in the story. Clearly, Whedon and Goddard wanted to tell a Buffy-like story without having any connection to the Buffyverse at all. From the very start of the film, before the movie title is splashed on screen, you get a good understanding for the way the film will turn out. I was beyond thrilled to see that Amy Acker is featured front and center. It was also really fun to see my boy Tom Lenk in the mix as well. I can understand how the folks who aren’t familiar with the genius of the Buffyverse might not get this film … but David loved it and he’s never watched a single episode of Buffy or Angel. The Cabin in the Woods is one of the best suspense films I’ve seen in a very long time. I honestly cannot wait to see it again. If I can get someone to go back with me, I’d see it repeatedly. I loved every single second of Cabin. I’m utterly convinced that Joss Whedon can do no wrong.

Blah. I am still feeling under the weather … my allergies are killing me, I have no energy … it’s really irritating me. I need to go for a run but I just don’t know if I can manage it. If I don’t run today, I’m running tomorrow … for sure. Tonight, I’m seeing The Dandy Warhols in concert so I’m excited for that but … ugh, all this phlegmy coughing is really bringing me down. Ugh. I hope YOUR Thursday is going much better ;)

  • Janaegal

    Ummm, David’s never seen an episode of Buffy?!?! And you agreed to MARRY him?!!


    • @Janaegal — I know, right? Now that’s true lurve.

  • It sure is a fun movie, I totally dug it and I’ve never seen Buffy or Angel either *ducks*
    and that taxidermy make-out scene… I mean, FOR REAL, how did that not get an MTV “best kiss” nomination???

    About your allergies, Trent… I’m sure you know better than anyone what’s going on inside you, but I have to say with your low energy and coughing it sounds more like something flu-ish, rather than allergies… as someone RIDDLED with allergies, I don’t think those two symptoms are typical of allergies (assuming you’re meaning Spring or environmental allergies)

  • Tabitha

    I’m a huge Joss fan, but I’m don’t do very well with horror/slasher films. I’ve stayed away from spoilers and have been debating about going for weeks. Is it worth it?

    • @Tabitha — Yes, it’s worth it.

  • Jackie

    Cabin in the Woods was AMAZING! I loved it & have been raving about it to friends ever since seeing it. :)

  • 1. Best use of a unicorn in a movie.
    2. Best use of a bong
    3. Sigourney mother bleepin’ Weaver

    Cabin in the Woods had everything and the kitchen sink. File this film under fan-bleepin’-tastic.

    • Lauren

      Word on the unicorn for sure! I can’t believe everyone isn’t mentioning that!!

    • Lauri

      The bong was genius.

  • Gal Capone

    Was on the fence about it because I am a big chicken & don’t do horror. But…I now really want to see it. That it’s so Whedon-esque seals the deal. Die hard Buffy/Angel fan!

    • Lauren

      I can’t stand scary/horror movies, keep an open mind, I really enjoyed this film!

  • ClaireMichelle

    This movie was so fantastic, I haven’t stopped telling my friends to go see it! I do have to prepare most of them that the ending is insane, because the two friends I saw it with hated the ending. But those two friends expected an ordinary horror film. Their mistake. ;)

  • Mindy

    Redneck zombie torture family!!!!

  • Linnea1928

    The movie was phenomenal! I hate horror movies that take themselves too seriously, and I was relieved that the film was so fun and fresh while being clever. And it was fun to see some familiar faces–Ronald the Intern FTW! I saw Cabin back in March as an advanced screening; I went by myself (but met some awesome Whedonites and horror fans), and it KILLED me that I couldn’t discuss the film with anyone for fear of spoiling it!!

  • Adrian

    When the crap hit the fan all I thought was “look at all the unused Buffy and Angel villains” and squealed with happiness.

  • Lauri

    I’m commenting without reading any other comments, but my boy doesn’t like Buffy- and he loved the flick. READ AS LITTLE AS YOU CAN ABOUT IT and it’ll be loads better. Luckily the review we read right before we went told us to stop reading and know as little as possible going in. So good! :)