Drew Barrymore Cinderella Film ‘Ever After’ Is Being Made Into A Stage Musical


Do you remember the 1998 movie with Drew Barrymore, Ever After, which was a twist on the classic Cinderella story? Well, that film is being turned into a stage musical which will appear on Broadway in the 2013-14 season. Do you think the 16th century French but still very modern Cinderella story will work on stage as a piece of musical theater?

Like the movie version, the stage adaptation centers on Danielle, a spirited young Frenchwoman in the 16th century who faces down a cruel stepmother and wins the love of a crown prince.

According to the press announcement, “This new musical sets the record straight on the fable of Cinderella, showing how a strong-willed, independent girl can make her dreams come true without the help of fairy godmothers, talking mice, or magic pumpkins.”

I really loved Ever After, the film, but this could be because it conjures great memories for me of 1998. It was also all about Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston and Dougray Scott as Prince Charming for me as well. This modern twist on Cinderella definitely has the making for a musical however, and the magical qualities of the original Cinderella story will obviously be perfect for the Broadway stage. I’m expecting that they will really work the strong female angle, a kind of modern fable or almost anti-fairytale musical with a strong female lead -maybe even a Lea Michele type of actress? I’d see it – would you?


  • rinachandayo

    I absolutely loved this movie! I think it will do really well on Broadway.

  • zzdread

    In the latest workshops, Broadway sweetheart Sierra Bogess has been playing Danielle. Hoping she gets it, she’s incredible!!!!!

  • Tiffany

    One of my fave movies! I am sure it will do wonderful on Broadway!