Sarah Michelle Geller & Freddie Prinze, Jr. Take Charlotte Grace To The Zoo


Last week we saw cute photos of Sarah Michelle Geller and her burgeoning baby bump out and about here in SoCal. Today we get to see even cuter new photos of SMG and hubby Freddie Prinze, Jr. with their daughter Charlotte Grace at the zoo. I know many of y’all have been wondering where FPJ has been hiding lately because we never seem to see him out in public with his family. Well, clearly SMG let the poor man out of the cellar so he could get some sun with his family for once ;) Check out the photos below.

As I’ve mentioned before, SMG and FPJ are not the kind of couple that we always see at parties or in tabloids. They seem to have the kind of relationship that most of us enjoy … a normal, not-very-public one. Some people tend to think that just because we never see photos of the couple together in public that something must be wrong. On the contrary, it’s my belief that the couple enjoy a happy and very healthy relationship because we don’t see photos of them everywhere. Clearly, the family wanted to spend some time at the park and voila! the paparazzi magically appear. It is nice to see the 3 (and 1/2) of them together in one place from time to time, I’ll admit that. They make a supercute family, don’t they?


  • Lauren

    Such a cute family! Charlotte is getting so big. I kind of hope they have a boy this time. I’m still pretty bummed that Ringer isn’t coming back next season though. I actually thought it was a pretty good show. It kept me on the edge every episode.

  • Michelle

    Speak of the devil :)

  • ChristineLA

    Holy cow, Charlotte is the spitting image of her Daddy! They are one of my favorite Hollywood couples, specifically because they are not always in the news.

  • ttr

    I am sad they decided to cancel ringer just sayin

  • Excited to see more of his salt and pepper hair!

  • Lulu

    Can we please see more Freddie on a regular basis? :) Look at those guns! hehe