Madonna’s Daughter Shows Her Support For Marriage Equality


In the past week, we’ve heard from President Barack Obama about his support of same-sex marriage and we’ve heard from rapper Jay-Z about his support of Obama’s support of same-sex marriage. Today we learn that Madonna’s eldest child, Lourdes Maria, is lending her support to marriage equality as well. Unlike Obama and Jay who went on the air to voice their support, Lola is letting her Legalize Gay t-shirt do all the talking for her.

I can’t even tell you how fantastic it is to see any young person taking a stance and lending their support to such a worthy cause. When it’s a young famous person, all the better. It is so important for those of us who support same-sex marriage to be vocal about our support because you never know who you might inspire as well. Sadly, there are many people who might be afraid to come out and voice their support but if more people do it, that fear might lessen. It doesn’t take much to effect change in the world. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple thing as wearing a t-shirt to school :)

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • jenn

    how could any child of madonnas not want to legalize gay?!

  • Ben@pr

    I mean, coming from her it’s natural but it’s great she’s expressing it publicly.

  • michael

    like mother like daughter!

  • cmc

    I think it’s fantastic that she’s publicly showing her support but, really. Who cares what a 14 (15?) year old thinks? Um… why don’t you get back to us when you’re 18 and you and your fanbase can vote!!

    Although I’m glad she’s prepping future voters for gay marriage support, I hardly think her opinion is newsworthy at this age.

    • @cmc — “I hardly think her opinion is newsworthy at this age.” Of course it is, the fact that we’re talking about it right now is proof of its newsworthiness.

    • Ben@pr

      @cmc, many people make the mistake of underestimating the opinion and points of view of teens. That age is so important for the developing of your own thoughts and views about life. Can I assume when you were a teen your opinions were really unworthy?

  • Andreya

    That shirt came out on 2007/2008 from American Apparel, it’s nothing new, it was regarding Prop 8 in CA.

    • @Andreya — Yep. No one said it was new.

    • Jacqui

      Still relevant.

  • mimi

    @cmc so anyone under 18 can’t have a valid opinion? for the record, im 24 but have had many intelligent and fascinating conversations with teens who care and want to express their beliefs. to say it doesn’t matter until you can vote is ridiculous.

    good for lourdes!

  • rYan

    I think it’s awesome too. However,it would have been bigger news if Madonna’s daughter was against it. Lol

  • Darolo

    Lola knows she gets papped every day going to and from school so what better way to bring attention to a topical cause. Lola is opinionated, confidant and probably has had more contact with gays than most 15 year olds. Good on her for taking a stance and not being afraid to show it. This girl’s going far!