Watch: Garbage Previews Their New Song ‘Sugar’


The day that Garbage fans have waited 7 long years for has finally come … the band’s new album Not Your Kind of People is RELEASED TODAY! In order to promote the album’s release one more time, Garbage has released a mini-film that previews their new song Sugar. Much like the earlier mini-films we’ve seen (HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE), this video for Sugar features members of the band discussing how the song came to be while the song itself plays in the background. Check out this newest mini-film below.

As you can hear, Sugar is one of the album’s slower tracks … and while I am not a fan of rock/pop ballads, I find that I tend to respond to Garbage’s slower songs. I can never really describe it but Garbage has a unique sound all their own that no one else is able to replicate. This new album, Not Your Kind of People, is quintessential Garbage:

TRUST ME, do yourselves a favor and buy this album. I have been listening to it on repeat for weeks now and I can tell you right now, this album is one of if not the best album of the year. Garbage has never sounded better. The deluxe version of the album includes 4 extra songs … I mean, it’s a must own. Altho I’ve had the promo standard version for weeks, I happily shelled out for the expanded deluxe version. It’s worth it, y’all. Not Your Kind of People will be one of the best albums you’ve purchased in a long time. I am in LOVE, I think you will be, too.


  • swile71

    Trent, I just got the album and it is AMAZING! I have missed them so much and they came back better than ever. I am in heaven.

  • kate

    This blog is one of my faves because of the excellent music. Longtime G fan, glad to see them getting some love.

  • genxgina

    they never disappoint, deserves a grammy, amazing!!!