Josh Hutcherson Shows Off His Broken Nose


The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson was spotted here in SoCal this week sporting a bandage on his face. It would seem that Josh had a run in with a plastic surgeon. As you can see in the photo below, Hutcherson is nursing an injury that came from nose surgery. According to his press rep, Josh suffered from a deviated septum which he had fixed … but here in Hollywood, an excuse like that usually means it was a cosmetic “nose job”.

With his face bruised and bandaged up, “Hunger Games” star Josh Hutcherson was spotted leaving a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills on Monday … after suffering a mysterious injury to his nose. Hutcherson first tweeted about the injury on May 9th … saying, “Just had surgery to fix my broken nose” … and later his rep told us the actor had been diagnosed with a deviated septum. But there’s one big question — how DID the 19-year-old movie star break his nose? Josh isn’t saying … and neither is his rep … who told TMZ “no further details will be released.”

Honestly, I have no reason not to take Hutcherson’s press rep at their word … it is entirely possible and wholly feasible that Josh’s deviated septum required surgery. BUT, the cynic in me can also wholly believe that Josh just wanted to get his nose fixed. Actors have these kinds of surgeries all the time … Hell, non-actors have these kinds of surgeries done all the time. IMHO, I see nothing wrong with plastic surgery. I have always hated my nose … but there is no way I would EVER choose to have surgery just for cosmetic purposes. Er, I say that now … but who knows, I might change my mind in the future. As for Josh, no matter the reason why, I just hope his new nose doesn’t make him look too different. I think he looked just fine before. Hopefully his new nose will look like his old nose ;)

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Krissy

    One of my friends has a deviated septum from a childhood injury, and while her nose doesn’t look that bad on the outside, she has a LOT of sinus issues because of it. (She also wasn’t able to find individual health insurance that would cover her because of the deviated septum).

    I totally believe that some people use D.S. as an excuse for a nose job, but there are also a lot of people who legitimately need the surgery.

    • CKNJ

      Thank you, Krissy… good to see logic prevails! I had exactly these issues and surgery for it, and when I was bandaged up I looked just like poor Josh… it’s nasty, invasive and very painful surgery, and I would have hoped those being snide would be less cynical in their assessment of his look and statement. Love ya, Josh!!! You are awesome!

  • Lisa

    If he had gotten a cosmetic nose job, he would be much more bruised and his nose would have a full cast on it, not just a bandage underneath. He had the surgery 5 days ago, there’s no way he would look this good so soon if it was something more than a broken nose.

    Plus, he’s extremely athletic, it’s very possible he broke it while playing some sport and is just now getting it fixed because now is the only free time he’s had in over a year.

    And he just doesn’t seem like the type to want a nose job for cosmetic reasons. If he was so worried about his appearance, would he really go out in public looking like this? And make it public by talking about it on twitter?? I think not.

  • Katie

    I saw another picture from a different angle with a before picture & it really didn’t look like there was any change in the shape of his nose.

  • romi

    i heard he brike his nose when some crazy fan broke into his house at 1 at the morning….(she wanted to hurt him in his leg just like peeta did in the hunger games)….anyway i hope he would feel better :)

  • m/

    what a dumb story! look at the bandage! if he had a ‘nose job’ the entire nose would have to be bandaged, not just the openings; his nose would have had to basically been broken in order to do cosmetic work and there would be lots of swelling – not to mention black eyes; this is totally consistent with deviated septum surgery;

    • kate

      why are you so mean?

  • ClaireMichelle

    If Josh is looking for a nurse to take care of him… I’m totally available. ;)

  • Maddie

    He doesn’t seem like someone who would have surgery to fix his looks. He’s a teenage boy! Also he looked fine before. And having a deviated septum can be really painful..just because it’s a common exude for some people in Hollywood doesn’t mean that everyone is like that.

  • Ryon

    Maybe he got drunk, slipped and fell, breaking his nose? Or maybe it is just as he said. either way, His original nose was sexy and I hope it hasn’t changed much. I wanna tongue punch that nostril so bad!

  • What a tempest in a teapot! He probably had a pimple on his upper lip and didn’t want the read the silliness that it would provoke. Let these people who entertain us live their lives without all this ridiculousness.